Articles We Love

Listed below are articles about the world of theater that we particularly love.  Do you have one that you think will rign true for us at Lyric Arts?  Let us know!

“Good Question: How Can Nonprofits Make Profits?” (6/14/2010)

“Best Seats in the House” by Peter J. Marks for “In Character” Journal (3/1/2010):  Anonymous stagehands don’t need their names in lights to know they are making a contribution to the theater.  Written by the theater critic for the Washington Post.

“Why Community Theatre is Important to the Whole Theatre Community” by Michael H. Arve, as published in the March/April 2007 (LAST WORD COLUMN) issue of  “DramaBiz” magazine.

“Day 224: Lyric Arts Main Street Stage” by 365 Twin Cities Team on 365 Things To Do In The Twin Cities (11/22/2010).