Administrative Associate Brett Burger

Administrative Associate
Brett Burger

Lyric Arts has grown tremendously since raising its curtain in 1995. Now, as we begin the next era of our evolution as a company, we are excited to officially launch our new Artistic Review Panel and we are so excited you want to be a part of it. While we have our own internal evaluation process for each show, we would like to put an evaluation process into motion that includes reviews from people outside of the production-from people just like you. 

Participants will be given two comp tickets for opening weekend on the shows they are reviewing. They will then be asked to complete and submit an online evaluation of the performance. This survey will be sent out on opening night and you have till Monday morning to complete it. The evaluation will ask for feedback on direction, music direction, actors and technical aspects including set, lighting, costume and sound design.

- If you are new to the Artistic Review Panel, please click "Production Picks" below that will allow you to fill out a brief survey in which you can rank which shows you'd rather see over others. 

- If you are a returning member of the panel and you have just recently seen a show, please click the survey button below to fill out your Post Production survey.

- If you were not chosen to be one of the reviewers for a production but you still are planning on buying tickets and seeing it, please feel free to fill out the survey regardless. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Administrative Associate Brett Burger at or 763-233-0807.

Artistic Review Panel Responsibilities

  • You must commit to evaluate a minimum of three productions over the course of a season. Participants must see at least one children's show (either Mainly for Kids or Theatre for Young Performers), one musical, and one straight play.
  • You should attempt to evaluate a production during it's first few performances, but do not evaluate a review performance.
  • You should not discuss your evaluation with other judges, friends, members involved in the production or anyone else; it should be treated as confidential.
  • If you live in the same household as another participant in the panel, you cannot both attend and evaluate the same production.
  • If you are registered for a production and cannot attend, please contact Lyric Arts at least 48 hours before show time by contact Administrative Associate Brett Burger at or by calling the box office at 763-422-1838. 
  • Be sure to let Lyric Arts know if you are only using one ticket versus the two comps originally given. 
  • You should avoid reading other critiques (or listening to Original Broadway Cast recordings) for the production you are evaluating until after your evaluation is complete.


Below is a guideline and companion sheet. These sheets should be read over before seeing the production.

Artistic Review Panel Guidelines

Companion Sheet