Script by Steven Deitz
Directed by Elena Giannetti 

Performance & Rehearsal Information

January 10–26, 2020
(12 total performances)

First rehearsal tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, November 19

Note on Diversity and Inclusive Casting

Actors of all races and ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition. Lyric Arts is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in the casting of its productions and, therefore, urges actors of diverse backgrounds and those from underrepresented groups to audition.

Open Call Auditions

Monday, September 9 & Tuesday, September 10, 5:30–9:00 p.m.

Doors open for registration 15 minutes prior to audition start time; final registration accepted 15 minutes before the end of auditions

Callback Auditions

Wednesday, September 18, 6:00–10:00 p.m.

Exact callback times to be determined by artistic staff after the completion of open call auditions. 

Show Description

Robert returns to Dublin to reunite with Cait, the woman who captured his heart during a James Joyce literary tour thirty-five years ago. Dancing backwards through time, the older couple retrace their steps to discover their younger selves. Through young Robbie and Caithleen, they relive the unlikely, inevitable events which brought them—only briefly—together. This Irish-centric love story blends wit, humor, and heartache into a buoyant, moving appeal for making the most of the present before it is past.

This area premiere by one of America’s most prolific and widely produced playwrights is a lyrical, romance that bends time and space to explore a love affair that might have been.

Audition Preparation

DIRECTOR’S TAKE: BLOOMSDAY is a bittersweet love story that disrupts the traditional boundaries of space and time. The two pairs of lovers (the 20 year old version and the 55 year old version of the same two people) interact with each other across time to lead the audience on a journey of truth seeking, discovery and redemption. The play is naturalistic in style, with an occasional breaking of the fourth wall to speak directly to the audience. The Director seeks actors who bring a genuine honesty and vulnerability to their acting, as well as embody the unique qualities of the characters as outlined below.

ABOUT CASTING: The Director is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in casting and therefore encourages actors of diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups to audition. All races, ethnicities, abilities, genders and physical types are encouraged to audition. The Director is not looking for physical stereotypes of Irish or “American” descent (i.e.; red hair; NY ethnicity; etc.), but instead seeks actors that are able to bring a genuine relatable energy to the portrayal of the characters. As the story includes a younger and older version of the same characters, the focus will be on qualities and energies that match up, rather than based solely on physical appearance.

IMPORTANT NOTE—for Caithleen, Robbie, and Cait roles: There is physical intimacy (kissing and embracing) and physical violence (slap across the face) required in this play. An intimacy coach and fight coordinator will be provided during the rehearsal process.

FOR AUDITIONS: Please prepare a dramatic contemporary monologue no longer than one minute in length. Please bring updated resume with headshot. If headshot is not available, a snapshot photo will be accepted.  

Callbacks will be at a later date and will be readings from the script, along with dialect work.

 ***PLEASE*** check your availability before attending the auditions, and be prepared to list all conflicts on your audition form. While some conflicts are inevitable, we are not always able to accommodate a high number of scheduling conflicts for this rehearsal period. 

Lyric Arts’ standard audition form and a potential rehearsal schedule are downloadable for your convenience.

Character Descriptions

CAITHLEEN (pronounced “Kath-leen”)—young Irish woman. Has an Irish accent throughout the entire play.  (Aged 18–26)

Caithleen has an honest and genuine quality that endears her to people. She has the dreams and hopes of any young 20 year old, which she comes to hope that Robbie can help fulfill, while still learning how to navigate her special ability of crossing over time and space.

ROBBIE—young American man. (Aged 18–26)

Robbie is full of the American bravado often seen of young men, with a good handful of confidence and swagger. However, we quickly learn that it is more of a cover up to the truth that Robbie is actually a lost soul hoping to make a genuine connection with the transcendent Caithleen.  

CAIT (pronounced “Kate”)—the older version of Caithleen. (Aged 48–60) Has an Irish accent throughout the entire play.

Cait is an older and wiser version of her younger self, and has experienced more of the realities of her special ‘talent’ that has brought her to this point in time. She has come to accept the uniqueness of her situation, while also understanding how the past was a catalyst for the present.

ROBERT—the older version of Robbie.  (Aged 48–60)

Robert is the older and wiser version of his younger self, who has come to Dublin to reconcile with Cait. His energy, albeit older, should still have a glimmer of the same “go get ‘em” attitude that attracted Caithleen in their youth, while also having grown up and recognized his own part in the failure of their budding romance 30 years prior.

Additional Information

  • $180 stipend paid.

  • All auditions are held at Lyric Arts Main Street Stage, 420 E Main St, Anoka 55303.

  • Auditioners will be seen in the order they arrive. No appointments are necessary.

  • Please come prepared with headshot (or other non-returnable current photo) and résumé, if available.

  • Please arrive with a calendar outlining all possible conflict dates between the first read-through and the final performance. (No conflicts for tech week or performance dates will be accepted.)

  • Age ranges listed in character descriptions signify the age of the character to be played.

  • All other questions about auditions—including those regarding audition conflicts—should be sent to our auditions e-mail.