Written by Neil Simon
Directed by Matt McNabb

In Neil Simon's timeless "laugh out loud" comedy, Paul and Corie Bratter are newlyweds who are realizing the honeymoon is over. He's a serious young lawyer and she's his free-spirited bride. Their tiny "top-of-the-building-with-no-elevator" Manhattan apartment is perfect to keep a meddlesome mother-in-law away. But with bad plumbing, a closet for a bedroom, a leak in the skylight, and an unexpected rooftop neighbor...well, anything that can go wrong invariably does. Barefoot in the Park proves the theory that opposites really do attract in one of Broadway's most enduring and successful romantic comedies!


Corie Bratter: Kelly Houlehan
Paul Bratter: Brendan Veerman
Mrs. Ethel Banks: Patti J. Hynes-McCarthy
Victor Velasco: Thomas G. McCarthy
Telephone Repair Man: Nick Menzhuber
Delivery Man: Aaron Booth

Artistic Staff

Director: Matt McNabb
Stage Manager: Marice Anderson
Assistant Stage Manager: Linda Monroe
Production Manager: Joanna Diem
Technical Director: Patrick Vital-Schwartz
Scenic Designer: Brian Proball
Lighting Designer: Erin Belpedio
Sound Designer: Jason Hobbie
Costume Designer: Samantha Fromm Haddow
Props Designer: Bob Cheminsky