Written by Mike Kenny
Based on the book by Leprince De Beaumont
Directed by Cassandra Cutler Proball

Beauty is a spoiled girl who has never had to work. To teach her a lesson, her fairy Godmother creates a series of challenges for Beauty that ultimately traps her in the estate of the Beast. It is when Beast releases Belle that she realizes she loves him, and returns to his castle just in time to save him from death. This adaption of the classic fairy tale was originally produced by England's Oxford Touring Theatre in 2005 and is a refreshing and funny new twist on an enduring classic tale.


Butler/Father: Rick Gabriel
Cook/Godmother: Laura Erchul
Maid/Beauty: Emily Picardi
Bootboy (Francis)/Beast: Josiah Rice

Artistic Staff

Director: Cassandra Proball
Stage Manager: Carl Rottman
Scenic Designer: Sadie Ward
Lighting Designer: Erin Belpedio
Sound Designer: Alex Flinner
Costume Designer: Brandi Mans
Assistant Stage Manager: Grace Sheldon
Sound Board Operator: Blues Bland