March 12, 2016
7:30 PM

The Belfast Cowboys is a nine-piece band that specializes in the music of Van Morrison, along with original music and other assorted rock covers.  Born on St Patrick’s Day, 2002, it is also the papa group to St Dominic’s Trio.  The band features several veterans of the Minneapolis music scene, including singer Terry Walsh and sax man Vic Volare.   In December, 2008, The Belfast Cowboys and St Dominic’s Trio released debut CDs.  In August, 2009, The Belfast Cowboys headlined at BB King’s Blues Bar in Times Square, New York City.

In July, 2010, The Belfast Cowboys played a three hour set for a crowd of 15,000 while opening for Chicago in Stillwater, MN.  In March of 2011, The Belfast Cowboys played shows in Ireland.   In July of 2011, The Belfast Cowboys played at Moondance Jam in Walker, MNIn 2012 & 2013, the bands played over 250 shows.  The Cowboys have become one of Minnesota’s most popular bands, playing monthly shows at Lee’s Liquor Lounge and Whiskey Junction, travelling only when their feet get itchy or the offer is too good to refuse.

Tickets range $19-25. Please visit the Ticket Information section of our website for the concert seating chart.

Tickets are available by calling the box office at 763-422-1838 or click on the link below.

This concert is sponsored by EMI Audio.