Meet Brandon Holscher who is performing in Death of a Salesman

Meet Brandon Holscher, who is performing as Charley in Death of a Salesman. Read on to learn about the rehearsal process, how he’s developing his character, and why you should take a chance on this show! LA: Where are you originally from?

BH: Nordeast Minneapolis.  Everyone thinks I’m from the East Coast because of my accent, but I’m from here: blue collar Nordeast.

LA: Why did this particular play interest you?

BH: I love Arthur Miller (All My Sons is one of my favorite plays).  Death of a Salesman is an American Classic. 

LA: For those unfamiliar with Death of a Salesman can you tell us about the show?

BH: This is a wonderful tale of the hazards of the American Dream:  What happens when success in business is denied. Willy Loman doesn’t appreciate what he has.  He’s constantly looking for more.

LA: Talk about the character(s) that you play in Death of a Salesman. How have you developed this character(s)?

BH: I play Willy’s neighbor and best friend Charley.  Charley helps Willy every chance he can, and Willy treats Charley poorly.  I had to find a reason why Charley stays loyal to Willy. I built a back story where Charley has to raise his son, Bernard, without a wife.  He wants to make sure that Willy doesn’t lose what Charley wishes he had:  A wonderful family.

LA: Talk about your fellow cast. How do you see their characters developing? Any that you are particularly amazed at?

BH:The entire cast is very, very good.  The Loman family (Warren. Martha, Ty, and Max) will be remembered and talked about for a long time, but the supporting cast (Bill, Kirsten, Ryan, Megan, and Emily) really help give this story life.  All the actors are extremely talented.  But since you asked me for someone in particular, I will single out Kenny Kiser.  He plays my son Bernard.  He makes it easy for me to play Charley.  When he plays Bernard as a teenager, he makes it so easy for me to want to guide him and give him advice.  When he plays Bernard as an adult, he makes it easy for me to be proud of him.  The transformation of his character is flawless.

LA: What are some of the most impressive elements of Death of a Salesman?

BH: The psychological effects and burden that the artificial vision of the American Dream has on people.  The idea that we are nothing if we are not successful in business is detrimental to human behavior.  Warren Sampson has developed a wonderful character on this premise.

LA: Why should people come and take a chance and see Death of a Salesman?

BH: Bob Neu and his crew have created a very stylized and deeply touching vision of a classic story.  He is a talented Director and knows how to shape a very talented cast.  This will be a top notch production.

LA: What was your first job you ever had?

BH: I was a clerk at Baskin Robbins in Downtown Minneapolis in the 1970’s.  That place was a very hot spot during lunch.

LA: Sum up Death of a Salesman in 3 words?

BH: Enjoy Life Now.

LA: What is your favorite thing about Lyric Arts?

BH: Lyric Arts is very professional and well directed.  I enjoy working with talented people.

LA: Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

BH: I’m somewhat new to acting.  I never acted in school. I was always interested in sports and raised four children in Champlin.  I was very involved with CDAA coaching baseball, football, softball, soccer, and basketball.  When my children became adults, I decided to try something new.  My first play was in November 2011 and since then I’ve been very lucky to be cast in nine plays and five short films.  I love the characters I play and I hope I bring some entertainment to audiences.  I am an IT Director in real life and I have two granddaughters, so I am very busy and very well blessed.