#Cheersto21Years Fundraising Campaign

Hello to all those who love and support Lyric Arts! 

It is that time of year when we come to you and ask for your support through individual donations.  Give to the Max Day 2016 is coming up this week (Thursday, Nov. 17)  and we are asking all of you to help us rally support to help achieve our goals! 

This year, we are celebrating our 21st season and as you may have read already in our blog entitled #LyricArtsIsLegal, we are growing fast and we need the funds to keep pace with that growth.  Therefore, we thought it would be fun to center our fundraising campaign goals around the number 21.  We have sent some big goals for our year-end fundraising campaign but we are confident that the love and passion for our theater runs deep and that our supporters will heed the call and rise to the challenge.

  • Give to the Max 2016 Goal: $21,000 raised on Thursday, Nov. 17 to give us a good start to rally for the end of the year.

  • Increase the number of individual donors: 2100 individual donations of $21 or more by year's end.

  • Create consistency of donations: 210 monthly sustaining donations of $21 or more by year's end.

For Give to the Max, you can schedule your donation now, so we wanted to offer up a little gift of thanks to those who schedule their Give to the Max donation early - meaning before midnight on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

  • $100 Gift Certificate to The Mad Hatter Restaurant and Tea Room goes to the donor who schedules the largest donation before the early deadline. So, go BIG with that scheduled donation.
  • $50 Gift Certificate to Bostons in Coon Rapids to a random winner -- anyone who schedules a donation before midnight on Wednesday, Nov. 16 will be entered into the drawing.

Please help us spread the word!

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  • Show your pride and passion for Lyric Arts and support our Twibbon Campaign to help raise awareness for our fundraising campaign by clicking on the icon to the right.

  • Create a video telling us why you love Lyric Arts using the hashtag #Cheersto21Years and direct people to our campaign page at http://www.lyricarts.org/cheers-to-21-years/

We are so proud of the people and the community that supports Lyric Arts.  This video gives a sneak peek at some of the reasons why actors and backstage crew think you should invest your philanthropic dollars with Lyric Arts.