Thanks and Giving to our Holiday Helpers

From the Voice of our Volunteer Coordinator, Gina Sauer

We have many things to be thankful for at Lyric Arts, not the least of which is our incredible team of volunteers!! 

Ever since starting in my role as Volunteer Coordinator this past summer, I have been blown away by the dedication, loyalty and commitment of our volunteers…and I sing your praises all over the Twin Cities theater community.  The other theaters in town are jealous!  

Did you know that together, all of you – front of house, backstage and on our artistic teams – donate nearly 7500 hours a year?!  I hope you all feel good about playing such a vital role in the life of this theater company!  I’m so proud of this theater and proud of all of you.  

As we head full steam into the holiday season, we are relying especially heavily on our volunteers.  With not one but TWO fun and festive shows on stage (and sometimes three performances a day!) during the month of December, we need all the help we can get. 

I know many of our current volunteers are already on the schedule for one or more front of house shifts, but we still have spots left to fill.   So, if you can sign up for some extra shifts and/or invite some of your friends to join you during this festive season.

As our way of saying THANKS, all volunteer hours during the month of December will count DOUBLE toward volunteer perks like a free pair of Lyric Arts tickets!

Also, if you have never volunteered, we invite you to join our inspiring group of volunteers and pick up a few spots.  If you have questions about volunteering, be sure to check out our information page or send me an email at

Help us make this a shiny, beautiful, holiday season for all our theater patrons by filling in when you can. 

Thanks again for everything, and have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday.

GINA SAUER, Volunteer Coordinator and Actress in A Christmas Story

GINA SAUER, Volunteer Coordinator and Actress in A Christmas Story