Join us in 2017 – A Word from Lyric Arts' Education Director

2016 was an amazing year for our workshops. Are you signed up for one in 2017?

Since taking over what was already a successful education program I had to seriously ask myself “What is it that I can do to make something even better that’s already so amazing?!” So with any good start to an adventure I suppose the first question to ask is a question from Alice in Wonderland:

‘Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’
’That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.’
— Alice in Wonderland

I want to get our education program to a place where the entire community in the North Metro knows that Lyric Arts is a destination for everyone to come to and expand who they are. I want us to also have a place in every school in the Anoka-Hennepin school district, in every library, and every community center providing arts education for all disciplines including, but not just limited to, actors, singers, dancers and designers.

What is new?

The changes now that we are doing is what I have been calling “elevating" the program so that as students grow and evolve our workshop classes do the same. The emphasis isn’t so much on creating something to perform but creating a safe and fun environment that intentionally caters to the artistic needs of children as they grow. In short: as they grow our workshops grow with them.

I also looked at what time we were offering workshops and how long and made changes so that workshops would start later in the day (no earlier than 4:45). This is so that parents could get their kids safely to our theater. We’ve also added at least one week to every workshop so that everyone has more time to create and learn.

But what makes this Winter/Spring session so special?

This upcoming education session, we will be launching, what we hope to be our annual Spring Break tradition, a new program called Playmakers! This intense and fun-packed week will have two "acts" or classes. 

  • 1st Act will be for ages 7-11 where they will work to create different scenes and skits from scratch. This will include writing, acting, dancing and music. 
  • The 2nd Act will be for ages 10-14 where they will work to create a short play. They will use the same kinds of skills to reflect what is going on in their lives at this very moment!

Playmaker is meant for for theater actors and also everyone who is a young drawer, painter, dancer or musician. In Playmakers, we invite all creative kids to come together and with the help of each other, make a story out of nothing!

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Adrian Lopez-Balbontin
Education Director