Lyric Arts Live Tweets: Hairspray LIVE!

Lyric Arts tried something new and fun recently with our Artistic & Executive Director, Laura Tahja Johnson and our Administrative Associate, Brett Burger. We had them live tweet during this years NBC Live musical, Hairspray Live! 

They both certainly had a lot to say about the technicalities of the production, the singing and actors. Check out some of their best 7 moments from the night including some of their best tweets. Let us know what you want them to live tweet next! 

1. Brett was still laughing about this line the next morning

2. There is nothing better than sharing a musical with the family as Laura watched it with hers!

3. When Brett admitted he was probably crying in his popcorn because of Jennifer Hudson.

4. And then Laura admitted she too was crying.

5. Laura remembered how fond she was of the Lyric Arts production of Hairspray 

6. Brett admitted that Edna was a dream role of his...












7. And Laura responded, possibly hinting at Brett's acting debut at Lyric 20 years. 

You can read all of their tweets by searching the hashtag #LyricArtsLive on twitter. You can also read Brett's full review on his blog "Coffee Talk With Brett" located here.