This Just In: Silent Sky Review from Talkin' Broadway

Local theater critic, Arthur Dorman was introduced to Lyric Arts for the first time when he attended last Saturday's performance of ilent Sky nd his review is in.

"Silent Sky succeeds best at depicting the step by step progress Henrietta makes in her own work, and the chipping away at the barriers to women in her field. Gunderson manages to make the science comprehensible, and captures the emotional involvement between a scientist and her work."

Here are some snippets of what he had to say about the show and some of our cast:

On the show itself:
"Lyric Arts' production, directed by Anne Byrd, captures the sense of Henrietta's journey to world's unknown—the mysteries of the universe and the rigid borders that kept her and other women out of the province of science."
On the music:
"Upon entering the theater, the audience is surrounded by music that was as new in Henrietta's era as her own journey—Debussy's Prélude á l'aprés-midi d'un faune and a quartet by Amy Beach, who break barriers of her own as a woman composer. "The Amoureuse Waltz" by Rodolphe Berger provides an almost ethereal soundscape for a wished-for romance."
Audrey Johnson as Henrietta Leavitt and Kayla Hambek as Margaret Leavitt in  Silent Sky

Audrey Johnson as Henrietta Leavitt and Kayla Hambek as Margaret Leavitt in Silent Sky

On Newcomer Audrey Johnson as Henrietta Leavitt:
"Audrey Johnson anchors the play with Henrietta's sharp intelligence, wit, independence and determination to achieve what she has set out to do."
On Kayla Hambek as Margaret Leavitt:
"Kayla Hambek gives Margie the tenderness of a loving sibling while conveying the hurt inflicted by her sister's apparent indifference to family."

Arthur has more to say about the play, production elements and the other cast members, so it is only fair that we send you off to read his review in its full context.

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We look forward to more reviews from Arthur in the future.