Winter/Spring Workshops Registration is Officially Open

By Clare Bender

Lyric Arts is excited to announce that registration for Winter/Spring workshops has officially begun! Lyric Arts Academy strives to provide a variety of classes that help children learn new abilities but also grow in their own skills. 

Here is an overview of the classes offered at the various age/grade levels.

The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create.
— President Barack Obama



18 Months-5 Years

In the Musikgarten workshop, children have the opportunity to grow and develop through music. With fun activities such as instrument playing, storytelling, and rhythm and music games, your child will not only bond with you but develop their love for learning and music.

Little Kids:

Grades K-2

In the Beatrix Potter Playground workshop, young students will be able to experience and act out the stories of Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck, Mr. Tod, and Pigling Bland in new and exciting ways! This workshop will be the perfect introduction for young performers who will have fun playing as they learn the fundamentals in theater arts and crafts, and creating characters. In A Dahl’s House: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory workshop, students will learn skills such as voice projection and creating strong, confident characters. The academy’s Dr. Seuss Station workshop will encourage children’s love of language through playacting with imaginary characters.

Lyric Arts offers several workshops throughout the year to help people of all ages learn about theater. This is the cast of "The Wonderful Things You'll Do" workshop.


Big Kids:

Grades 3-5

Ever wanted to become a musical theater guru? In Musical Theater 1: Beginning musical Dance, kids have the opportunity to learn short dance combinations and steps. For kids yearning to be a Jedi knight, Acting Out 1: Star Wars Skills, students will be able to delve into learning various artistic skills including character development, playwriting, and safe play fighting. Perfect for the aspiring wizard, the Hogwarts Skills of Wizardry and Magic workshop gives kids the opportunity to cast their own spells of magic tricks and illusions, taught by a professional actor and magician. Dreaming of Broadway?  In Musical Theater 1: Big Show Tunes, students will learn the skills and techniques of how to succeed as a performer and an ensemble member as they are given the chance to learn some of the most popular songs and dance number from show tunes such as Annie, High School Musical, and Into the Woods.


Grades 6-8

Tweens will be able to expand their imaginations and develop their theater skills. In Musical Theater 2: Dance Break!, kids will progress in their musical theater skills by performing short dance combinations, strengthening their dancing skills and stage presence. The Acting Out 2: Beginning Improv workshop will help kids create characters, listening and quick reacting skills, and stage presence. Created for any kid who is still waiting for their letter from Hogwarts, Hogwarts Skills of Wizardry and Magic will give your child the opportunity to make their own magical tricks while learning from a professional actor and magician. Musical Theater 2: Guys and Dolls will teach students about scene study, singing technique, and musical theater movement, giving them the strength and confidence for that next audition. The Acting Out 2: Steven Universe Skills workshop is based on the Crystal Gems and his Guardians cartoon. This workshop gives students the chance to develop character, playwriting, and design skills.




Grades 9-12

In the academy’s Musical Theater 3: Choreography Styles, Resident Choreographer Lauri Kraft teaches students the various musical theater choreography styles, strengthening their skills and further preparing them for that next audition. In the Acting Out 3: Improv Skills 101 workshop, students have the opportunity to learn techniques to think and respond quickly, giving them confidence in their acting abilities. For anyone who desires to know what pratfalls and spit takes are, Acting Out 3: Physical Comedy will be the perfect fit. In this workshop, students will learn various comedy techniques and how to make funny, expressive character choices that will get laughs from any audience. The Lyric Arts Comedy Improv Theater Yoots workshop is for returning LACITY members only. In this workshop, students have the opportunity to continue growing and learning short-form and long-form improve as they prepare for three public performances.

Special Camps and Master Classes:

This season, our Special Camps include a President's Day workshop, where students will build confidence in public speaking by delivering speeches by the great leaders in our country. 

We will also offer a musical boot camp during Spring Break. Please note this camp books quickly so get signed up right away.

Then we will be offering a Master Dance class, taught by Resident Choreographer Lauri Kraft, that will help teens and adults fine tune their dance skills in the style of Fosse.


For further information, please visit Lyric Arts Academy's page by clicking the button below. If you have any questions, call Adrian Lopez-Balbontin, Education Director at 763-233-0804 for more information.