CASTING ANNOUNCEMENT: "She Loves Me" Opening in March 2018

Director Scott Ford, who has been directing at Lyric Arts for 10 years, has found the cast to bring this sweet and endearing love story about two feuding shop clerks who inadvertently fall in love to the Lyric Arts Main Street Stage.

She Loves Me introduces us to Amalia and Georg, two shop clerks in a 1930's European perfumery who, more often than not, don't see eye-to-eye. What they don't know is that they both responded to the same "lonely hearts" advertisement in the newspaper. They each live for the love letters they receive from each other, without knowing that the other is the one writing them. Lyric Arts is thrilled that this Tony Award-winning musical will be performed on its stage.

You may recognize Sommer Walters who appeared in 2016's Nice Work if You Can Get It and this past summer's Anything Goes. Kayla Hambek starred in last season's area premiere of Silent Sky. Brandon Osero and Brendan Veerman reunite after appearing alongside each other in Flavio Betrayed - A Commedia.

Lyric Arts is also excited for the return of actors who have not performed on our stage in several years: Karissa Lade and Michael Tober both appeared in 2015's Grease, Steven Meerdink and Jessica Halverson both performed in 2008's The Boyfriend. Halverson also performed in 2013's Hello, Dolly!.

Before his performance in She Loves Me, Maxwell Ward will be making his Lyric Arts debut in Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings this Christmas season alongside Armando Ronconi, who also recently appeared in Anything Goes.

Actors new to our stage include Jonathan Goodman, Ryan Levin, Joseph Hitchcock, Katherine Fried, Jami Snively, and Courtney VonVett.

The orchestra includes:
Violins: Anna Olson, Lorine Menzhuber, Anna Murphy
Cello: Melanie Yang
Bass: Ed Rudolph

Here is the full cast list:

Amalia Balash: Katherine Fried
Georg Nowack: Joseph Hitchcock
Ilona Ritter: Karissa Lade
Steven Kodaly: Ryan Levin
Mr. Maraczek: Steven Meerdink
Ladislav Sipos: Jonathan Goodman
Arpad Lazlo: Maxwell Ward

Head Waiter: Brandon Osero
Busser: Jami Snively
Sommer Walters
Armando Ronconi
Michael Tober
Brendan Veerman
Abbi Fern
Courtney VonVett
Kayla Hambek