Lyric Arts is pleased to announce the cast of our upcoming production of Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias was last produced by Lyric Arts in our 8th season.  We are thrilled to be bringing it back this year.

We worked with Director Angela Timberman, who is directing for the first time at Lyric Arts, to find an inspiring group of women to fill the iconic rolls in Steel Magnolias.

We are thrilled to have Anni Amberg playing M'Lynn after making her upcoming debut at Lyric Arts in A Wrinkle in Time.  Katheleen Hardy will return to our stage after her last appearance in Doubt, A Parable (2008).  In addition, Lisa Vogel, who played Phoebe in As You Like It in our 14th season, will be taking on the role of Truvy. Rounding out the cast will be Sulia Altenberg as Annelle, Juliette Aaslestad as Shelby and Jane Hammill-Gloembeck as Ouiser, who are all making their debut on our stage for this production.


Here is the full cast list:

Lisa Vogel as Truvy
Sulia Altenberg as Annelle
Kathleen Hardy as Clairee
Juliette Aaslestad as Shelby
Anni Amberg as M'Lynn
Jane Hammill-Golembeck as Ouiser

Cast of  Steel Magnolias , produced during our 8th season.

Cast of Steel Magnolias, produced during our 8th season.