THIS JUST IN: Brett Burger says "She Loves Me" is "charming, warmly romantic and just downright entertaining."

If you're looking for something to put a spring in your step as Spring nears, Twin Cities blogger Brett Burger recommends She Loves Me.  He says you are sure to "have an absolutely delightful night out when seeing this musical."

Here's what else he had to say . . .

Katherine Fried plays Amalia Balash and is wickedly talented. An important feature of this musical is the lead female role is a soprano. Many get lost in the flashy vocal styles of new age musicals with belts that last for measures upon measures. However, this one has a soprano and Fried hits it out of the park! Her voice is superb and effortlessly transports you back to perhaps when the musical was first on Broadway. Fried literally had my jaw drop when she hit the highest and purest note in the show, at the end of the song "Vanilla Ice Cream." —Brett Burger

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She Loves Me
Runs through April 15

Considered by many to be the most charming musical ever written, She Loves Me is a warm romantic comedy with an endearing innocence and a touch of old world elegance.