THIS JUST IN: Reviews for "Urinetown The Musical"

Bobby strong (played by austin stole) and the cast of "urinetown the musical"  

Bobby strong (played by austin stole) and the cast of "urinetown the musical"

At the end of Sundays performance of "Urinetown The Musical," Lyric Arts invited many of Twin Cities Theater's finest bloggers to stick around after the show and interview some of the cast and crew and some of their reviews are ready and posted!

Cherry and Spoon

"If I had to pick a favorite in the cast, it might be Becca Hart, who makes some really specific and interesting choices as Hope. From prim and proper devoted daughter to wild-eyed revolutionary, it's really interesting to watch that transition and the thoughtfulness she obviously puts into every moment (both vocally and physically)." 

Play off the Page 

"The score really is Tony Award-Winning, and Lyric Arts Main Street Stage brings out all the best of this twisted and absurd tale of drought, potty lines, division, and decline of society. It was so well cast, I can’t imagine anyone doing it better."

Twin Cities Stages

"All elements of the show balanced and worked together well, but the choreography by Penelope French was a real stand out. Urinetown has a lot of things going on within many songs and it is easy for things to get messy and distracted, but instead it was more organized chaos, a phrase that came up in our post play discussion. "

Say Entirely - No Filter Reviews

"In the midst of all the laughing and toe-tapping though, this show really makes you think."

"Urinetown can’t exactly be classified as a happy musical—which the fourth-wall-breaking characters will tell you freely—but it’s immensely enjoyable."

Be sure to read their full reviews on their blogs which can be found below.


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