Meet Our New Board Members!

By Clare Bender

We have only just begun our 22nd season and we have some incredible things happening here at Lyric Arts.  Our theater is growing and we have needed more help to help keep us moving forward.  In the last few months, we have welcomed several new board members -- so we thought we would introduce you to them.  Our wonderful board members serve as greeters at our performances so be sure to welcome them to the Lyric Arts team!


Amy Hornstra

“I love Lyric Arts as it is more than a theatre, it’s a gathering place where folks come together to express themselves through the arts. It’s a place that truly embraces the idea of community and what it means to give back. It’s a place that makes people smile and feel connected to a world that is larger than many can even imagine. It’s a place that inspires, and most of all a place that everyone can feel accepted. ”


Rick Wyman

“We are truly fortunate to have Lyric Arts in our community as a place to gather and share a love for an art form that has the ability to move like none other. My wife and I choose to support Lyric Arts as part of our annual charitable contributions. We can think of no better way to express our appreciation than to do our part to help ensure the sustainability of this artistic home and the theatrical homecomings it makes possible to all.”


Kylie Foss

“Lyric Arts is a home, both for great theater and for the community. This theater is a bridge bringing people together, and when you’re here, you’re family.”


Jennifer Lundquist

“I am so impressed by the top quality talent and shows that Lyric Arts bring to the stage! I’m excited to service on the board!”


Lyric Arts is excited to begin this new season with these new members! For more information on our board members, visit our Board Members page.