REVIEW: Star Tribune says BRIGHT STAR "sounds terrific in Anoka."

Photo credit: twin cities headshots

Photo credit: twin cities headshots

In a review of Lyric Arts’ regional premiere of BRIGHT STAR, the Star Tribune says the production “gets the songs just right.” We were so pleased to have theater critic Chris Hewitt join us for opening night the first show of the 2019–2020 season and are so appreciative of his review.

Review highlights:

  • The Anoka theater is giving the Steve Martin-Edie Brickell musical “Bright Star” its regional premiere in a production that is gloriously sung.

  • The cast…is filled with gifted singers. They nail the close harmonies in Martin and Brickell’s bluegrass-tinged score as well as the high-and-lonesome sound of the North Carolina mountains.

  • Under the musical direction of Elise Santa, all are crisp and beautiful, and they’re sweetly interpreted by choreographer Heidi Spesard-Noble, whose movement captures the emotions and setting of the piece.

  • I’m really glad Lyric Arts is tackling [BRIGHT STAR], because this music deserves to be heard, and I can’t imagine it sounding much better than it does in this version.

You can read Hewitt’s full review Monday’s Star Tribune, or on their website.