Oliver and Rock Stars - a BobNeuBlogs production

Hello fans of Oliver: Robert NeuWelcome to the 13th edition of my "Oliver" blog!   "Wait," you may say - "What happened to the other twelve?"  Funny story - today, with the help of the Lyric Arts staff, we discovered that my previous TWELVE blogs were somehow lost in cyber-space.  And by "somehow lost in cyber-space," I mean, of course, that I'm an idiot and I apparently didn't write and/or save my previous entries in the proper way.  Yay, Bob!  Let's hope my competency in directing far surpasses my computer abilities.

"Oliver" is off and running in a big way.  We now have the entire show blocked and choreographed and will be doing our first run-throughs on Saturday.  Actually, in theater parlance, we usually refer to these as "stumble-throughs" because alot of stumbling does occur.  It will be the first opportunity to go through the entire show in order - and that takes some getting used to for everyone.   But stumble-throughs are incredibly useful because they start to inform all of us about what needs more work and attention, they help the actors learn how to pace themselves, and they help me see how (and IF) the scenes connect and what the transitions look like.

Meantime, more and more props are appearing in the rehearsal space, more and more calls are going back and forth to the set designer (Patrick - rock star), and more details are being discussed with the costume designer (Lisa - also rock star).  The lighting designer and I had an all-afternoon meeting last week and some great ideas were thrown around.  (By the way, Dan is the lighting designer and guess what?  Yep - rock star!)

That's the report for now - heavy on the technical side because my next communication will be all about the fabulous and talented cast who are working hard - and making me laugh even harder.

More soon!