A MAZE for all ages!

So...here we are. TEN days from opening night! I can't believe how fast the time goes. But I am thrilled and excited by all the work that is going on behind the scenes and in rehearsal to make this a great show.

When I tell people about MR. A's AMAZING MAZE PLAYS, they typically say, "Is it just for kids?" And I have to say, "No. Actually, it's a play that can speak to people of all ages." I mean, sure - our heroine is a young girl, but I feel confident that, no matter your age, you will find Suzy's adventure to be something that is exciting and interesting. As the playwrights states when he is talking about the play, he really wanted to create something for young audiences that wasn't condescending but that would be relatable for the adults in the audience as well. As far as the major themes of the play are concerned...heroism, facing your fears, morality...I think that these are things to which we can all relate. Besides, it's just plain fun to root for Suzy as she makes her way through the maze of rooms!

So, no matter your age...we hope you'll let the kid in you come out and join us for the adventure!! Get your tickets today!