A "peek" behind the scenes

Here it is, the final stretch. Today marks the first day of Tech Week for our Cabaret Fundraiser - A Lyric Arts Salute to Broadway Musicals We Can't Afford to Produce. As we gear up for the show on Friday night, we wanted to give you an inside "peek" straight from the performers themselves! We asked all of our actors what do they think are the “wow” elements of the show? What’s not to miss? Here's what they had to say:

Curtis Burton: I think all the numbers have wow elements, but I think people will particularly enjoy the group numbers and also some will  get a chance to do a “Whole Lotta Shakin” if they are bold enough to participate.

Noelle French: There are too many to name just one!

Laurel Kaeferlein: Definitely the tap dancing.  There are 5 of us tap dancing:  Jon Stiff, Juliette Whelp, Noelle French, Regan Duffy and me .  The only two people with formal tap training are Jon and Regan, and yet Juliette, Noelle and I have risen to the challenge and are looking pretty darned good.  The level of difficulty in this tap dance number far exceeds anything I've seen in community theater.

James Plante: There are many "wow" elements of the show, but the one that stands out is all of the volunteers and cast/crew that are taking time out of their busy lives to support something they love......and we all sort of kick butt and I would like to think we are fun to see on stage!

We also asked our talented performers to share something awesome about one of their fellow cast members.

James Plante: Jackie Olson makes a mean jambalaya!


Laurel Kaeferlein: Juliette's riffs during "Seasons of Love" are so awesome!  I love hearing her sing that song!


Noelle French: This entire cast is awesome!  An extremely talented group of singers, dancers, and actors!


Curtis Burton: I can’t say it about just one without mentioning the other, but Noelle and Juliette’s voices just blow me away with the high notes.