Adia's Blog: Cut Footloose!

Last night, I sat in on the production meeting for Footloose. As a person whose only perspective of theater is from on-stage, it was crazy to see all of the different topics that were being discussed and how much thought went into every decision. Should the pews at the church have backs on them? Should the students carry backpacks, or just books? What type of job does Uncle Wes have?

I also asked a few interview questions of director Matt McNabb:

AZ: Why did you want to direct Footloose?

MM: I have directed the show once before and was overwhelmed by the positive response from the cast, production team, and audience. It was an absolute blast from start to finish!

AZ: Why has Footloose become such a popular musical?

MM: It is full of fun, exciting songs that people know and love. A script that is jam packed with charm, wit, and heart. The popular songs bring people in, but they fall in love with the endearing characters. The audience can relate to these people. Everyone has a Willard Hewitt in their life.

AZ: What does the audience have to look forward to?

MM: A stage full of excitement and energy! An amazing cast full of new faces to Lyric Arts! A live band on stage led by the incomparable Andy Kust! A fantastic imagining of Bomont, Texas designed by Todd Edwards, Dan Thorson, Anna Clickenger, Jeff Geisler, and Lisa Mangone. A few surprises along the way! Of course, there will not be any dancing, as it is against law in good ol' Bomont...