Adia's Blog: A Day in the Life of Lyric Arts

So far, my blogs have mainly focused on the highlights at Lyric Arts: performances, workshops, interviews and all of the other exciting things that happen at a theater. Today, I thought I would give you an inside look into the day-to-day workings of how things run here at Lyric Arts. 9:45- Arrive (late) due to set-up for the Anoka County Fair (ARGH!) Jessica and Allison already have four people lined up at the box office to buy tickets.

10:00-Contemplate what to write about for my blog. Sip coffee while checking my email and the Lyric Arts Facebook and Twitter.

10:03- Get very excited to learn that Twin Cities Live wrote an article about Making a Scene based on the press release we sent over.

10:05-Write blog, publish to the website, and load it into our Facebook and Twitter

10:30-Laura arrives. She is working on a budget. We all feel bad for her.

11:00-Write a Press Release for "White Christmas" using quotes from an interview with director Rebecca Rizzio

11:30-Joanna arrives. Plays pleasant background music.

12:05: Post goes out on Facebook and Twitter. Anxiously await comments. (Please be good, Please be good, Please be good...)

12:30-Lunch. We all talk about how much we want to order in (Courtside delivers, you know),then decide we need to stick to our diets/budgets and heat a frozen dinner in the microwave. Frozen dinner is disappointing.

1:00-Start writing  press release for "A Spell of Cold Weather." Director Laura Bidgood is a quote machine!

1:15-Realize there is no pitter patter of little feet upstairs. Summer workshops ended last week. Get sad because I really like Thursday performances on the stage!

2:00-Meeting with Joanna and Jessica. We meet every Monday to check in and assign new projects.

3:00-Check on the Making a Scene photo booth. Contemplate trying on various hats and props but opt to be more professional and grown up. Put on a feather boa instead.

3:30-Update "Making a Scene" web page with new info. Visit box office. More people want Footloose tickets. These things are selling like Hot Cakes!

4:00-Work on the publicity binder with Joanna.

5:30-Bid adieu to Lyric Arts and head home for the night!