Adia's Blog: Footloose by the Numbers!

As I am sure you know, Footloose opened this past Friday and the audience LOVED IT! It was an incredibly successful weekend for the show. How successful? Let me break it down for you: 34 Footloose cast members

17 Scenes

5 Pit Members

17 Artistic Staff Members

11 Awesome 80's Prom Dresses

50 people at the Opening Night Gala

60 delicious gourmet mini-burgers from Lancer catering at the Gala

125 pieces of cake eaten by Gala participants and Footloose cast and crew

14 pictures taken in the "Making a Scene" photo booth

4 brightly colored boas used in "Making a Scene" pictures

2 Very Sore Intern Feet

25 volunteers on opening night alone

13 Performances left

228 seats sold-A Full House!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the opening weekend of Footloose so successful!