Adia's Blog: Meet "Making a Scene" Artist Carole Bersin!

My incredibly painful sunburn tells me that today is definitely July 5...which means only 45 days until "Making a Scene" at Lyric Arts! As you have probably heard, the artist mastermind behind this project is Carole Bersin. Check out this interview with Carole to learn how she got started painting murals and what she has planned for Lyric Arts!

1. Tell me about how you got started as an artist? From my earliest days I was always interested in art. My parents signed me up for my first art class as a six year old and I still remember a contour drawing of a still life done on purple construction paper. I pursued art in college and received a BFA in sculpture from the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana in 1980. It wasnʼt until I learned signpainting in the late 1980ʼs that I figured out how to earn a living. It was through that route that I eventually began to work large scale on murals. 2. What is it about murals that you find particularly interesting? I like the way that interior (and sometimes exterior) murals can transform a space not only into art but also into a whole new space. And of course public art, both murals and other art forms, gets art out of the galleries and museums and brings it to the streets where it is there for everyone to experience and enjoy. 3. Have you done any projects like this one before? What is it about a community mural project that makes it worthwhile? I have both led my own community murals and worked on murals led by other artists. I love the empowerment that comes to people when they pick up that brush and realize that they can be artists too. Even a person that may only be filling in a large space with one color on a wall is a necessary part of the entire end result. With a little guidance and instruction, people surprise themselves with what they can do. The other piece that becomes exciting with a community mural is the camaraderie that forms between all the people painting. You find yourself working on this great project next to someone that you may never have had the chance to meet in any other way. In that way, it is not unlike what happens in the production of a play. You become a family. 4. How do you think a project like "Making a Scene" at Lyric Arts will benefit the community as a whole? Itʼs the bringing together of people working to create something beautiful. There are a lot of instances in our lives today where we see people not working together, not bridging their differences, but here is an opportunity to participate in something with no agenda other than to beautify the side of a building and the adjacent parking lot and have some fun while doing it. With Lyric Arts right there on Main Street it will naturally draw in not just those that have heard about the project and come specifically for that, but also people that might just happen by as they go about their other errands. There will also be those that come from around the entire Twin Cities area just for “Making A Scene” who may never have been in the Anoka area before and have no idea what a little gem it is. 5. Through your visits and research on Lyric Arts for the project, what role do you see Lyric Arts playing in the community? I have been very impressed with Lyric Arts as a whole... the closeness of the community and the quality of the performances that I have seen. Lyric Arts shows that good theater doesnʼt have to only be in the middle of the city, but can happen just as easily in a suburban community like Anoka. It just takes good people with a vision and a willingness to put in the hard work. 6. What does the community have to look forward to with the "Making a Scene" project? Watching the magic of a mural appear right before their eyes!

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