Adia's Blog: My Last Day

Today is my last full day here at Lyric Arts. I will be around for the next few weeks helping with "Making a Scene," but today is my last official work day. 10 weeks is just not as long as it seems! In honor of my last day (and of my love for list making) I thought I would share a few of the most important things that this internship has taught me. 1. Just do it. Even if you can't. I am aware that that doesn't make sense, but let me explain. When Laura handed me a blank calendar at the start of this summer and told me to make a marketing plan, I wanted to laugh in her face and cry all at the same time. I didn't know how! I was bound for failure! No matter how much I told her this, however, she was instant that it was my job. It turned out to be an awesome learning experience. Sometimes you just have to accept that you have no idea what you are doing, and try to do it anyway. And that leads me to #2...

2. Failure isn't failure. It's learning. No one here at Lyric Arts ever got made at me because I tried something and it didn't work. What is there to lose? And how do you know if you are too afraid to try.

3. Volunteer to do stuff. It seems simple, but my experience here would never have been as fulfilling if I hadn't volunteered to take on tasks or attend meetings and events that I wasn't otherwise required to attend. I love working with people so helping out in the box office for last Wednesday's show when we were short volunteers was not only a great time, it helped me learn even more about the theater. And finally...

4. Never stop getting better. This lesson is majorly due in part to the awesome people that I worked with this summer. Lyric Arts is a great place. We are selling out shows, have full workshops, and are generally doing quite well for ourselves. But no one here is content with that. Everyone is always striving to update, re-vamp and find ways to make us even better. Don't ever, ever settle for good enough and always know that there is room for growth.

It has been an absolute pleasure to spend my summer at Lyric Arts. Thank you to the Jackson Fellowship and the College of St. Benedict for providing me with this awesome opportunity. Thank you also to the wonderful staff of Lyric Arts: Joanna, Jessica, Laura, Allison, Patrick, Paula, and Lin.

As the Lyric Arts calendar says: Adia...OUT!