Adia's Blog: The World's Greatest Popcorn

Lyric Arts prides itself on " Big City Theater, Hometown Charm," but talk to many of our patrons and they will tell you something else that we are famous for...popcorn. Here at Lyric Arts, we take our popcorn seriously. Popcorn is made fresh at every show and we are sticklers about using only the highest quality ingredients. And, as an added bonus, you are ALWAYS allowed to bring it into the theater with you to enjoy during the show!

Today is a big day for all of you popcorn aficionados. If you order your season tickets by the end of the day today, you will receive a free popcorn with every ticket! So hurry up! Call the box office! Time is running out!

For even more popcorn temptation, check out our popcorn highlight video here.