Allow me to Intern-duce myself.

The boy was miserable. That is not to say that he was a sad person in general, nor that some form of psychological ill made him prone to such depression on a regular basis. In fact, this level of misery was fairly new to the bright-eyed college freshman, and he grappled with all the interesting ways to turn his sadness into a series of melancholy poems without coming off as an emotional basket case.

The boy knew, waiting for that phone interview, that he would make a fool out of himself, that he lacked the qualifications and distinctions and high honors and presidential awards that his mother was so fond of telling him were the only way to get a job in this economy, and that he would never be better than the other applicants, and that who was he kidding he should have stayed in engineering and gotten a real job like grandma had told him. He knew, in the silence before the call came, that he would have to go back to the his old job come summer, and that he would once again be forced to do such things as scraping ancient, vaguely Lovecraftian Jell-o abominations off of the floor of an industrial freezer with a toilet brush. It was not something he was eager to do again.

The call came, and then the call ended, and the boy felt miserable once more. He then continued to feel miserable for a few more weeks.

Then another call came. And he was hired. And he was elated.

That boy... WAS ME!

I am Eric Lindholm, your new window into the inner workings of the LyricArts Theater of Anoka, Minnesota! I am a Sophomore studying Journalism at North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota. (Ask us about our wood chippers!) While on campus, I write album reviews for our student paper, The Spectrum, and DJ on our campus radio station, 96.3 KNDS.

I was born and raised right across the bridge in Champlin, Minnesota, and my family consists of four theater junkies who make regular visits to the stage. Fans of the site might already know my sister, Emily, who held this position last year, and who I will certainly not be constantly trying to upstage and compete with over the duration of my internship why would you even ask such things.

I came to LyricArts for the position of Marketing and Publicity Intern, not because I am totally the best at all things marketing and publicity, but rather because I lacked any sort of experience with Marketing and Publicity. In my interview, I told the staff straight out that I had next to no experience with anything that they were planning to put me on, save for the social media savvy that any teen nowadays can boast about, and my familiarity with audio and video production software. I told them that what I lacked in experience, I would make up for tenfold in dedication, elbow grease, and insomnia, of which I have no shortage. In the brief time that I’ve been here, the LyricArts staff has welcomed me with open arms, and I’m excited to help all of you get to know them as well.

My intention is to take you, dear reader, on this wild, sleep-deprived, terrifying ride with me through my weekly (Twice weekly? Daily?) blog posts and daily blurbs through Facebook, Twitter and other such media delivery mechanisms. If you really wanted to, you could probably just hook yourself directly up to your computer, matrix-style, and I could pour my words directly into your mind through a scary-looking information nozzle of my own devising.

Today (being Wednesday the 12th) is day five of this grand experiment, and I am already being put to work getting our 2013-2014 concert series all squared away for public consumption. Tonight, I plan to take some promotional pictures of our actors for Hairspray during dance rehearsals, and conduct brief interviews with whomever I can snatch out of the crowd for a moment or two. Future projects will involve taking over our social media presence, producing trailers and promotional videos for our upcoming productions, operating our booth at Riverfest, and generally serving as an extra pair of hands when something heavy/tedious needs lifting/doing. Over the course of the summer, I will use my insider access to the theater to give you, gentle reader, all the unprecedented, VIP, behind-the-scenes, director's cut, limited edition inside scoops your little hearts can handle. It's going to be a blast, and I can't wait to get started.


Eric is a rising Sophomore studying Communications at North Dakota State University.