Audience Reactions to "The Laramie Project"

Just a few of the reactions we've gotten from audience members who have already seen The Laramie Project.


Lisa Brecht:

I’m so glad you decided to produce a show like this.  I’ve never heard of it, even though I know of the tragedy of Matthew Shepherd. It’s a brilliant idea and Mr. Neu presented it very well.  He had the theater in tears…I found it especially moving that the actors moved even themselves to tears.

Sue Ehlenfelt:

Just got home from seeing The Laramie Project. Yes, I did wonder if I would like this play or not. But did go with an open mind and also remembering that in all the years I have gone to Lyric Arts I have never been totally disappointed in a play and left saying I wish I had not come.

I enjoyed the play, much to my surprise. Why I should be surprised with Lyric Arts, I haven't figured out yet. The 12 actors were out standing and very strong in their roles. The stage setting and lightening were great and the closing act brought the tears to my eyes.  I was sorry to see such an empty house (first time in all

my years) and even more sorry to think what a great and meaningful play people are missing out on when not willing to take a chance.

Thank you for taking a chance and a big thank you to the director and all involved in this production.

Sue Dergantz:

It was the most moving show I've seen to date - anywhere.

Glen Semanko:

Saw it last Saturday.  WOW!!!!  It was riveting!!  I don't think I took a breath during the entire two hours for fear of missing something.  It was an outstanding performance by everyone involved!

Laura Bidgood:

See. This. Show! Directed by the incredible Robert Neu and with performances by some of my favorite actors - Nick Menzhuber, Debbie Swanson, Corey Okonek, Grif Sadow, Emily Picardi - It's a true ensemble piece spectacularly directed with truthful, real performances, an excellent lighting design by Dan Thorson, and a unique and a thoughtful set by Brian J Proball. It is just a solid and moving evening of theater, revisiting an event that happened 15 years ago, but is yet so relevant today.

Amy Hennen:

Just came home from watching this amazing show. Absolutely stunning performances by an incredible cast. Moving and powerful with an important message. If you don't have tickets yet, buy them now

Chris Berglund:

Great show and cast!