Miracle on 34th Street Director's Blog: Beginning

No matter how many shows I do in a calendar year, and no matter when during that calendar year I start a show, the first day of rehearsing a show always feels like the first day of school, for good and for bad. For bad, there's the sickening, sinking fear you're not going to be good enough. There's the ache of not spending enough time with your spouse/kids/pets for the next six weeks. There's that worry about how much good TV you're going to miss. OK, the networks are making that last one much easier. Thank you.

For the good, there's the excitement of meeting new friends and seeing old ones. There's the thrill of picking out an outfit for your first day. (Yes, I do this. Don't you?) Ultimately, there's the prospect of building and creating something brand new, vibrant, delightful. And there's the belief that you're going to learn something, grow, achieve.

After a busy, anxious week of preparations and auditions, we're starting rehearsal for "Miracle on 34th Street" tomorrow at Lyric Arts. I'm overcome by all the talented people who have assembled. Thank you to all who auditioned, who contributed to my anxiety this week. I'm thrilled to work with thirty-three actors from the ages of five to seventy-something. I'm eager for everyone to see this show.

And I'm curious. Does anyone else feel this way at the beginning of a rehearsal process?

Cristopher Tibbetts is directing Miracle on 34th Street at Lyric Arts this winter.