Bidgood Blog: I got that song stuck in my head!

The best thing about working on a musical, especially with songs as catchy as the ones in Little Shop is that I CONSTANTLY have one of them stuck in my head.  Holla back 'atcha girl if you know what I mean! 

Last week I had "Suddenly Seymour" running through my head 24/7.  Then for a brief time this weekend I had, although unrelated to Little Shop, the Bonnie Tyler 80's power ballad, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" stuck in my head.  Which let's be honest here, totally rocks my face off. I love that song.  It makes me want me slow dance with my boyfriend, seventh grade style, every time I hear it. 

*serious head nod*

However, as of yesterday, "TEOTH"  has been replaced with the chorus of "Mushnik and Son." 

That song's a real crowd pleaser with a little bit of a suprise thrown in the middle of it. I can't wait for audiences to see the comic genius of Nick Menzhuber and Ron Tolliver. They really do it up on that song!   So I guess it's no wonder I have it stuck in my head! They are pretty amazing.

It's anyone's guess what the next song will be....but I will be sure to keep you posted!