Bidgood Blog: Rehearsing it Up!

Rehearsals this weekend went really well! *high five*

On Saturday we focused on the "dentist" scene from the show. Nick ("Seymour") and David ("The Dentist") play off each other so well that this scene is going to be hilarious!

David really beats up on Nick during this scene. I don't think David has ever gotten blocking notes like this before, "Put him in a headlock and then slap his face."  But I think he is enjoying it!  I just hope that I am not traumatizing Nick too much for future dentist visits!

Also on Saturday, our fantastic choreographer Charise came in and worked with out "Doo Wop" girls on cementing some of their choreography.  Man those girls have a lot of back up dancing in this show. There's not a single song in which they don't do some sort of movement.  Charise manages to keep every dance number they have fresh and original and new.  My favorite thing about Charise choregraphing is how she decribes dance moves.  My two favorites are:

1)  "Just throw it away"

2)  "Blade Hands"   

Many of you who know me probably look at me and just assume I'm a dancer. But I am going to admit something right now. Right here:

I, Laura Evelyn Bidgood, am NOT a dancer.

I know. It's shocking, but true.

Not only am I left handed, I have two left feet.  Ironically enough my favorite show is So You Think You Can Dance. *shoulder shrug*

If left to my own devices with choreography, everyone would be box stepping and jazz handing all over that stage, with a shimmy thrown in once in a while for good measure. That's why I am so delighted to have Charise on board as choreographer.  She brings a log of experience and a lot of awesomeness to the stage with her choreogrpahy.  She's so good I think would even be able to teach ME how to dance.  

Sunday's rehearsal was low key but we got some good work done.  We've blocked almost all of the show except for one very short scene and it was fun on Sunday to start exploring and fine tuning scenes. 

That's it for this weekend's rehearsals. Check back tomorrow for an update on Monday's rehearsal. Thanks for stopping by!