Bidgood Blog: Taking Center Stage

With Doubt in performance on stage (what an amazing production that was, I hope you all got to see it!) for the past month or so, the cast of Little Shop of Horrors had been rehearsing in the back rehearsal room and dance studio.  Yesterday was our first chance to get on stage now that Doubt has closed, the set has been struck and Patrick (our kickin' tech director) has been able to paint the floor for our show.  It's great to finally be on the stage! The blocking that we did upstairs transferred nicely to the stage, save for a few minor alterations and I think the entire cast is excited to have more space to play around.

There was great excitement to get started working on the stage yesterday that was thwarted by heavy, parking lot traffic on 169, the route that seems all of our 9 person cast and majority of crew uses. EVERYONE (me included!), except for our  stage manager Chris was late to rehearsal.

That got us off to a later and slightly frazzled start than planned, but despite that, we got some excellent work done! We ran the show and It's looking good!  We've got some work to do in these next few weeks, but we are on our way!!

I am looking forward to the rest of this week as we start to get more comfortable working on the stage!