Bit by bit, putting it together - A BobNeuBlogs Production

Robert NeuTech rehearsals - oy.   We've had a long and productive weekend in the theater adding the technical details - lighting, set moves, timing everything to music, making sure no one trips over anything in the dark. I'm a little weird because I sort of like tech rehearsals.  First of all, they're a challenge to your time-management skills and I like that challenge.  More importantly, tech is when you finally find out if what you imagined in your head actually matches what you've got on stage.  This can be exhilarating or devastating.  Thankfully, I spent most of the weekend exhilarated.  Lighting is such a creative art and I'm so grateful there are people like our designer, Dan Thorson, who understands it technically AND thinks like an artist.  That makes the whole process enjoyable.

It fascinates me how making theater can be so all-consuming.  You become so focused on creating a specific world and then you go out in the lobby or step outside and are a bit shocked that "real" life is continuing.  "You mean the sun is out?"  "You mean people are driving around?"  "But wait, I was just in 19th-century London."  Anyone reading this who does theater knows exactly what I'm talking about.  Anyone reading this who does NOT do theater probably thinks we're a bit crazy.  If you're in the latter category, do a show sometime and you'll see what we mean!  Living in that alternate universe is pretty cool.  And it's the only way to lead an alternate life without being considered completely insane and shunned by polite society.  OK, some of us are still shunned by polite society, but that's for a whole other blog.

I continue to LOVE this cast.  Nice, funny, thoughtful, hard-working, talented, did I already say funny?  I was especially amazed yesterday at our dinner break.  Arrangements had been made for a pot-luck dinner which I remembered at the last minute and contributed some crappy store-bought valentine cookies loaded with sugar and manufactured ingredients.  I was in the minority.  The lobby was filled with all kinds of crock-pots and home-made you-name-it.  My dear colleague, Irene, even made gruel!  Seriously.  And it was delicious!  (um......sort of seriously - c'mon, it was gruel)

So if you're reading this, buy a ticket to our fabulous show!  It's Dickens, it's a musical, the cast rocks, it looks great and we'll give you free gruel.