Cast of "Picnic" announced!

Congratulations to those cast in our upcoming production of Picnic, and a gigantic thank you to all those who auditioned. We are looking forward to seeing how this talented group of actors will bring William Inge's script to life. Picnic opens on January 10, 2014.ComingSoon_Picnic Madge Owens: Sarah Frazier

Hal Carter: Jarome Smith

Millie Owens: Nykeigh Larson

Flo Owens: Lisa Weaver

Alan Seymour: Randy Niles

Rosemary Sydney: Kate Beahen

Helen Potts: Martha Wigmore

Howard Bevens: Tony Johnson

Irma Kronkite: Michelle Storm

Christine Schoenwalder: Christy Nix

Bomber: Matt Zierden