Evolution of a Set: Day 13

Well besides the stage getting cleaned up from yesterday not much has changed. Patrick and his volunteers are working on small details. They are repainting some trim, as well as putting gel in the upstairs window and above the screen door. This is such an exciting point in the build process when you can look at the set and you start to  imagine people really living in a house like this. All we need to add are some walls and a roof.

Get your tickets today for Death of a Salesman, performing April 5-21.

Day 13

Evolution of a Set: Day 12

Today Patrick and his volunteer crew are really putting out all the stops. As you can see the trim on the brick walls have been attached and the trim on the set unit was also added. Also the yellow cabinet received another coat of yellow paint. Patrick is also fixing the bed unit as it has been giving him some trouble staying put. Tech week has been very busy and the cast and crew are ready for an audience. Make sure to get your tickets today, just call the box office at 763-422-1838 and they will handle everything!

Day 12

Evolution of a Set: Day 11

It's all in the details. Yes, folks we are now getting to the point where we are just working on the details of the set. Last night Patrick sealed the floor to give it that glossy hard wood floor look. Patrick and his crew are working on the screen door and giving it a finished and polished look. They will also be working on trim through out the set and the brick walls. All in all this set is really coming together. Now it is time for you to get your tickets to see Death of a Salesman, April 5-21

Day 11

Evolution of a Set: Day 10

I can't believe we are already on day 10 for Evolution of a Set. It is amazing how fast these 2 + weeks go when you are building a set. We have a couple of new additions to the set. As you can see the roof outlines were added, windows were added to the brick walls on either side of the set, and the floor also received a paint treatment. Roxy, one of our volunteers,  has been busy all day sewing the fabric for the window unit, as well as the table clothes for the restaurant scene.

All and all things are really humming in the scene shop. Stay tuned to see the dramatic finish to our Death of a Salesman set.

Day 10

Evolution of a Set: Day 9

Where would theater, film, and TV shows be with out lights? Where ever they would be it would be awfully dark. Today is all about lights at Lyric Arts. Dan Thorson and his amazing volunteers John, Nick, and Evan are gelling all the light fixtures and are focusing the lights on the stage. You can see some of their work in the picture below. Set wise Patrick and his amazing volunteers Bob, Roxy, Wally, and Kent have put up the side brick walls, which are on either side of the set unti. The bed unit platform is being  carpeted as well.

Last night the director, prop master, technical director, and scenic designer met to go over and review all the props. Tomorrow the director and lighting designer will go through each scene in the show and adjust the lights. The cast along with artistic staff will also be doing a technical rehearsal from 10am-10pm. There is NEVER a dull moment at Lyric Arts.

Day 9.1

Evolution of a Set: Day 8

We are really cranking thing out on the set today. The bed and the platform are completed and just need to be painted. Roxy, one of our volunteers, is painting  and finishing the details on the screen door. Also, today Dan Thorson, lighting guru, is working on lights for the show. Lighting will be a key element in Death of a Salesman, because the lights will help the audience differentiate between Willy's present life and his memories.

More on lights tomorrow!

Evolution of a Set: Day 7

Another busy day in build the set, we have volunteers doing all sorts of projects.  We have walls being painted, the floor is getting a wood texture treatment, and we have a movable bedroom platform being built  as well as a bed for the platform. This set is really moving along. Last night the actors and costume designer, Samantha Fromm Haddow, had a costume parade to make sure all the costumes fit and look good on stage. Death of a Salesman is really coming together. Make sure to get your tickets today!

I have included what the set look like a week ago. It is amazing what volunteers can do at Lyric Arts and how they make are our art possible!

Day 7 of Death of a Salesman Set

Day 1 of Death of a Salesman Set

Evolution of a Set: Day 6

Oh my, look at the progress we are making on the set! Patrick and his crew are busy getting the walls sheeted, as well as getting the floor and platform painted. The railings for the top of the platform are being installed today. It is a very busy day in the scene shop. In case you did not know, the sets are constructed mostly by volunteers. We are always looks for VOLUNTEERS with daytime hours that are handy with a saw, paint brush, or nail gun. If you know some retired carpenters or people that just like to build things, please contact Matt at volunteer@lyricarts.org.

Evolution of a Set: Day 5

Today Patrick and his volunteer crew are going to be working on sheeting and painting the set. Patrick is currently working on top of the unit to ensure the safety of the platform. The top of the platform will be used as Loman boys bedroom. You make notice that there are holes on the top of the platform. We need a quick escape route for a scene change and are coming up with ways in which to make it seamless. Stay tuned to see of how this quick scene change will take place.