Evolution of a Set for Cabaret: Day 17

Well, here we are on opening night of Cabaret. It has been a long build for this show. Patrick and his crew have done an amazing job building this set. Without the vision and design of Brian J. Proball this set would not be  feasible. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this set come to life. Now all you have to do is get a ticket and see this fantastic show. Come to the Cabaret July 13-August 5.

Evolution of a Set for Cabaret: Day 16

It is all about the details today! Patrick is busy making sure everything is done for Friday. The staple gun is his best friend. He has been putting up black masking all day to make sure audience members cannot see behind the stage. Remember all the curtains have been taken down for Cabaret. Make sure to get your tickets today to come and see Cabaret, it is running July 13-August 5.

Evolution of a Set for Cabaret: Day 15

Today more detail work is being done on the set. The mirrors have been hung on the stage and the carpet on the spiral stairs has been covered up in black. Also Patrick and his crew have been busy doing work on a special project that can only be seen during the the show. I will give you clue...it drops in and has an eagle on it. You have to come and see Cabaret to fully understand this magical effect of theater. You also may notice that some very important monsters are missing. Patrick took down our Halloween monsters that have been gracing each photo.

Evolution of a Set for Cabaret: Day 14

Well, here we are 4 more days until we open Cabaret. The cast, crew, and orchestra had a long, but productive weekend working on scene transitions and making sure tech was getting enough time to work out the kinks. Patrick and his crew are still painting things black today. Patrick is also working making magic happen with the doors and the curtains. You will have to come to the show to see what I mean. This week is really dedicated to putting all the finishing touches on the set and making sure everything looks perfect for you, our cabaret guests!

Evolution of a Set for Cabaret: Day 13

Many things are happening in the theater today. Patrick and his crew are about to hang the Kit Kat Klub sign and they are finishing the grid platforms. Dan and his crew are busy hanging lights and putting in all the color gels to really make the stage come to life. This weekend we begin all the technical rehearsals. This is where lights, sounds, costumes, set, and cast  work together to make sure that the show is ready for all the dress rehearsals next week. Lots is happening to get this show ready for you, the audience to enjoy it...do have your tickets yet?

Evolution of a Set for Cabaret: Day 12

Today we are all about the lights. Lighting Designer, Dan Thorson is here today with his spectacular volunteers, Erin and Bob, and they have been busy hanging all the lights. Lights can really make all of difference is making a set look good to making a set look awe inspiring. In other set news, Patrick is done putting up all the railings. Roxy (center stage) is sewing a red curtain to hang were the shimmer curtain is.

Evolution of a Set for Cabaret: Day 11

Today we finally have some color on the stage.  Patrick just put up a red shimmer curtain. Who knows how that will be used in the show? Today the crew is also doing some sewing for the red fabric around the cabaret tables. Being that tomorrow is the 4th of July we will not be in the office, so have a great holiday and remember to get your tickets to Cabaret.

Evolution of the a Set for Cabaret: Day 10

The scene shop crew is busy working today on the top deck. As you can see they have the back wall in place and some of the front railings. The live orchestra will be on the  top deck! Also on the right you can see Patrick (in orange) hanging from the grid. He is installing the platform that will come out from the grid and we will be used as Cabaret table seating for the cast. I have also included the model so you can really see how those platforms will be used on the set.


Evolution of a Set for Cabaret: Day 8

Due to an awesome workshop invasion in the theater is morning, we had to get creative and find another way to bring you a daily dose of "Evolution of a Set." As our amazing volunteers and tech crew begin setting the lights, we have the chance to find out what music director Andy Kust thinks about Cabaret, including what he thinks of the set and how it will enhance every music listener's experience. Check it out!