Evolution of a Set: Day 21

And 21 days later we have a completed rotating set for Noises Off. No matter what set is being built it always amazes me to see the beauty in the construction on how the finale production comes together. I hope you have enjoyed seeing the Evolution of a Set for Noises Off. I have included pictures from the first day and the 10th day, so you can get a better sense of the whole process. So now you have to come and see Noises Off. Join us September 7-23.


Evolution of a Set: Day 20

Many things have happened in the past 24 hours. We have a new couch and chair adorned with the proper pillows. The floor on the set has a new treatment. We have also put down rugs on the set floor. All the doors were repainted with a new texture treatment. Some other "backstage" details are also coming together, but you will have to come and see the show in order to see what I am talking about. Noises Off performs September 7-23. Don't miss one hysterical  moment of this show!

Evolution of a Set: Day 19

Patrick is so thrilled with the progress that he and his crew have made on this gigantic set. Today they are working on final painting and trim work. Patrick has got some new furniture for the cast to use tonight. You will just have wait until tomorrow to see it. Also all the black stage curtains have been hung up and some rugs have been put down. All in all this set has been a huge feat for Lyric Arts to accomplish.

Evolution of a Set: Day 18

We are in the home stretch...Noises Off opens this Friday. It is hard to believe that we are already beginning our 2012-2013 season. As far as the set is concerned Patrick and his crew have been very busy. They are putting baseboard and chair rail trim on the set. The window and panes were installed. The crew has  also begun doing some paint treatments on the doors. As you can see Todd (Scenic Designer) has put some set dressing pieces on the stage.

Stay tuned to see all the finishing touches be added to the set.

Evolution of a Set: Day 17

It is hard to believe that tech week is approaching for Noises Off. Today, Dan Thorson (Lighting Designer) is really making this set pop withthe lavender and yellow cuts of gel he has installed in the lighting instruments. We also have the addition of a scenic backdrop behind the big window. Thank you Anoka Ramsey Community College for allow us to borrow that and the spiral stairs. We are still looking for some furniture pieces to complete the set. It is amazing how far we have come in 17 days. Stay tuned for next week as we complete the set.

Evolution of a Set: Day 16

Let there be LIGHT! Today lighting designer, Dan Thorson, has been very busy hanging Funerals, Pars, and more Inkys to the stage.  Dan is trying to get the right look before he meets with the director, Scott Ford, on Saturday to go through each different light cue throughout the script. Below Dan is previewing some of his completed lighting looks. Looks enlightened to me!

Evolution of a Set: Day 15

Not much has changed since yesterday with the front part of the set. Patrick added a red curtain on the top level, which is the doorway to the attic in Noises Off. Today I am including two pictures. The bottom one is taken from the backstage so you can see all the extra lighting instruments.  The second floor platform extends out so far that the faces of the cast members would not have any light on them so, Dan Thorson (Lighting Designer) has installed these instruments called, inky or birdy lights. These instruments will make sure the cast members are well lit during all the chaos in Noises Off.


Evolution of a Set: Day 14

As you can see the trim color (Bitter Chocolate) has been added to the set from yesterday. Today Bob is carpeting the stairs with a brown carpet. Matt McNabb (Volunteer Coordinator) is teaching Linda all about the lighting functions for the show. Linda is taking a stab at running the light board for the first time for Noises Off.  Interested in volunteering for a production? Contact Matt at volunteer@lyricarts.org