Evolution of a Set: Day 19

It is opening night of Leading Ladies and we have a completed set. It looks amazing! Thank you to all those who created, built, and decorated the set. It truly is a work of art! I have added some other photos of the set so you can see what it looks like from different angles. So now it is up to you to come and see the set in person. Contact the box office and I guarantee you will have a hilarious evening at Lyric Arts.

I hope you have enjoyed the process of the Evolution of the Set!


Evolution of a Set: Day 18

Well we are almost done with the set. Patrick and his crew have been working hard this week to get all of the pieces put together. Yesterday, Brian Proball, the set designer, came in and did all the shadowing on the doors and walls- believe you me it makes all the difference in how the set feels. We also have a ton of decorations that have gone up, i.e. mirrors and pictures. Not sure what Patrick is doing up on the ladder, but we will see with the next picture.  Tomorrow is our last day of Evolution of a Set-I can't belive we are about to open our first show of the 2011-2012 season!

Enjoy the Evolution!

Evolution of a Set: Day 17

Alright, we have had some great nights of tech rehearsals. The show is really coming along. The cast is HILARIOUS I have been laughing so hard my cheeks hurt when I go home! We are now really at this most exciting part of the whole set building process...the details!  Patrick and his crew are really putting all the details together to make the set believable. The white bead board has now been defined using a very fine point brown permanent marker. The floor has also been defined. Patrick and his crew added door pediments above the two doors on each side of the stage. Also the room behind the couch was painted mint green. Bob Ceminky is adding some architecture to the big blue wall. I wonder what is going to inside those rectangles? Also, it looks like a mirror and a big bouquet of flowers was added.

Enjoy the Evolution!

Evolution of a Set: Day 16

So as you can tell some detail items are starting to appear. We have a flower vase in the little cove. A table, phone, and candlesticks in the upstairs room. I also just noticed that we have a lamp on one of the side tables. The biggest change from yesterday is that Patrick and his crew have added a large lattice behind the french doors and the large window. I can't wait to see what will be added to the lattice. Enjoy the Evolution!

Evolution of a Set: Day 15

Yes, we are working on Labor day! As you can see we have some very dedicated volunteers at Lyric Arts. We have finished the carpet. In fact, we were had a little carpet shortage and our volunteer Bob Ceminsky was able to piece everything together so we were able to have carpet on the stairs and landing. Thanks so much Bob! We also added a  stain glass wall, keep looking at that as it will dramatically change. We are also finishing the trim around the doors. Enjoy the Evolution!

Evolution of a Set: Day 14

I can't believe it is already Day 14 of Evolution of a Set. Anyone is show business will tell you that it all comes down to lighting to really make a scene pop or to invoke any emotion. Well today Dan Thorson, the Lighting Designer, is here invoking emotion. Take a look at the gobos (lighting instrument term) on the wall, the red room on the top level, and the vase even has it own lighting. Things are definitely coming together. Enjoy the Evolution!

Evolution of a Set: Day 13

The wall by the staircase is all painted a beautiful blue. You might be wondering what those pink squares are on the staircase? I have been told they are foam and Patrick and his crew will be doing some carving with a foam cutter. The stairs were also painted. Dan Thorson, our Lighting Designer, is here today hanging lights. In fact, Dan brought me some great news. His mother-in-law donated a new monitor for our light board. Take a look at the pictures below to see how we have enter into the 21 century!

Enjoy the Evolution!

Evolution of a Set: Day 12

After having laid the carpet yesterday, Patrick and his crew have been work on some detail items, like make sure the doors can slam numerous times (that was a hint on what you can expect when you come to see the show). Cathy H. has been working on painting the walls and Bob C. has been working on the trim on all the doors. Enjoy the Evolution!

Evolution of a Set: Day 11

Today I am sharing with you with a Lyric Arts first, we have CARPETING on stage! That is right, we have never had a real role of carpet on the stage. Yes, we have had rugs, painted carpet, but never the real deal...until today! Last night I got to watch the 2nd act, and I could not stop laughing. It was truly a feel good rehearsal. Enjoy the Evolution!

Evolution of a Set: Day 10

I hope you all enjoyed the video interview with Bob Neu and learned a little more about the show. Bob and I so enjoyed our "talk show" stint, that we are thinking about talking it on the road. We just need some backers? Any takers? Alright, back to the set. As you can see the another wall has been added on the second level. More baseboard has been added to the bottom wall. Trim is around 2 of the doors. We also have a great little telephone cove on the second level. When I took the photo, Patrick was getting ready to install the railings. Enjoy the Evolution!