Adia's Blog: My Last Day

Today is my last full day here at Lyric Arts. I will be around for the next few weeks helping with "Making a Scene," but today is my last official work day. 10 weeks is just not as long as it seems! In honor of my last day (and of my love for list making) I thought I would share a few of the most important things that this internship has taught me. 1. Just do it. Even if you can't. I am aware that that doesn't make sense, but let me explain. When Laura handed me a blank calendar at the start of this summer and told me to make a marketing plan, I wanted to laugh in her face and cry all at the same time. I didn't know how! I was bound for failure! No matter how much I told her this, however, she was instant that it was my job. It turned out to be an awesome learning experience. Sometimes you just have to accept that you have no idea what you are doing, and try to do it anyway. And that leads me to #2...

2. Failure isn't failure. It's learning. No one here at Lyric Arts ever got made at me because I tried something and it didn't work. What is there to lose? And how do you know if you are too afraid to try.

3. Volunteer to do stuff. It seems simple, but my experience here would never have been as fulfilling if I hadn't volunteered to take on tasks or attend meetings and events that I wasn't otherwise required to attend. I love working with people so helping out in the box office for last Wednesday's show when we were short volunteers was not only a great time, it helped me learn even more about the theater. And finally...

4. Never stop getting better. This lesson is majorly due in part to the awesome people that I worked with this summer. Lyric Arts is a great place. We are selling out shows, have full workshops, and are generally doing quite well for ourselves. But no one here is content with that. Everyone is always striving to update, re-vamp and find ways to make us even better. Don't ever, ever settle for good enough and always know that there is room for growth.

It has been an absolute pleasure to spend my summer at Lyric Arts. Thank you to the Jackson Fellowship and the College of St. Benedict for providing me with this awesome opportunity. Thank you also to the wonderful staff of Lyric Arts: Joanna, Jessica, Laura, Allison, Patrick, Paula, and Lin.

As the Lyric Arts calendar says: Adia...OUT!

Adia's Blog: Strike a Pose

Today I am sending out pictures from the "Making a Scene" photo booth. They are so much fun! You would not believe all of the fun costumes and poses that people have been coming up with! If you haven't had your picture taken yet, make sure to stop by at some point during the last weekend of Footloose. Another interesting fact, at our weekly admin meeting yesterday, Laura brought up our Halloween float. Can you believe it is already time for us to start planning for Halloween?! Crazy!

We also received an update on the shows for next season. Tickets are already selling like crazy! Don't wait to get your tickets for any of the shows next season because it looks like they are all going to sell out even faster than Footloose did!

Adia's Blog: Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

One of my more recent tasks here at Lyric Arts has been working on the publicity binder. A publicity binder is a compilation of all of the different articles that are written about us or mention Lyric Arts. This has been one of my favorite tasks for two reasons: 1. I love organizing. Fun fact about me: alphabetizing things makes me giddy. That's why cutting pasting and organizing this binder may as well have been a Christmas present, not a job.

2. It was awesome to see all of the different things that have been written about Lyric Arts! The binder that I am working on contains articles from September 2009 to the present, but it's so cool to see what people think of this little theater that I love so much.

Because this was one of my favorite tasks, I though I would share with you my top five favorite articles in the bonder.

5. Lyric Arts Announces 2011-2012 Season Line-up, Anoka County Union, June 24th 2011. This one is a selfish pick. The article came from the very first press release I ever wrote. I am ridiculously proud.  Read here.

4. Lyric Arts celebrates a decade of entertainment on the Main Street Stage, Champlin Dayton Press, September 16, 2010. This article provided a great highlight of all of the things that Lyric Arts has accomplished in the past 10 years and included awesome pictures. Read here.

3. Gringo Daddy, Star Tribune Variety A+E, January 24th, 2010. A really interesting feature on Martin Zellar, the former Gear Daddies frontman. Zellar had been in retirement in Mexico for four years when he returned to Minnesota to perform several solo shows, including one at Lyric Arts. Zellar returns to the Main Street Stage this winter as a part of our "Music in the 'Burbs" concert series. Read here.

2. Talents Galore at Right Prices and Right Here, Anoka County Union Writer's Block, December 18th, 2009. Staff writer Elyse Kaner wrote this great editorial piece about the quality and affordability of local theater in our area (especially at Lyric Arts!). Article no longer available.

1. Day 224: Lyric Arts Main Street Stage, 365 Twin Cities, MN, November 22nd, 2010. This website features a different "Must See" thing in MN every day. 365 Twin Cities had all sorts of cool ideas and features and Lyric Arts was the highlight on day 224! Read here.


Adia's Blog: The World's Greatest Popcorn

Lyric Arts prides itself on " Big City Theater, Hometown Charm," but talk to many of our patrons and they will tell you something else that we are famous for...popcorn. Here at Lyric Arts, we take our popcorn seriously. Popcorn is made fresh at every show and we are sticklers about using only the highest quality ingredients. And, as an added bonus, you are ALWAYS allowed to bring it into the theater with you to enjoy during the show!

Today is a big day for all of you popcorn aficionados. If you order your season tickets by the end of the day today, you will receive a free popcorn with every ticket! So hurry up! Call the box office! Time is running out!

For even more popcorn temptation, check out our popcorn highlight video here.

Adia's Blog: Gala-Riffic!

Question of the day: Is it Gah-lah or Gay-Lah? Either way, it's a really good time. If you have never been to an Opening Night Gala at Lyric Arts, it is definitely something you have to experience.  The gala for Footloose was my first major event at Lyric Arts and it was awesome! Great food, fun people, and, to top it off, an awesome show!

If you don't know, the Opening Night Gala takes place before the opening night performance of every regular season show at Lyric Arts (duh). Guests are treated to heavy appetizers and bottomless drinks upstairs in our dance studio where they can mingle with others and listen to music in a fun, party atmosphere. Footloose featured 80's music...extra fun.

At intermission, Gala participants have a VIP line at the wine bar to top off their beverages. They are also invited back to the wine bar after the show to enjoy dessert with the cast and crew. And if "dessert" doesn't catch your attention, I will add that it is from local Anoka business Truffles and Tortes. Ladies and gentlemen these are not pieces of cake that we are serving, they are little slices of heaven. The price of participating in our 2011-2012 galas is only $18 over the price of your ticket.

Here are some pictures from the Footloose Opening Night Gala. Want more info? Call the box office! Galas are limited to 50 people and frequently sell out so reserve your spot today!

Adia's Blog: A Day in the Life of Lyric Arts

So far, my blogs have mainly focused on the highlights at Lyric Arts: performances, workshops, interviews and all of the other exciting things that happen at a theater. Today, I thought I would give you an inside look into the day-to-day workings of how things run here at Lyric Arts. 9:45- Arrive (late) due to set-up for the Anoka County Fair (ARGH!) Jessica and Allison already have four people lined up at the box office to buy tickets.

10:00-Contemplate what to write about for my blog. Sip coffee while checking my email and the Lyric Arts Facebook and Twitter.

10:03- Get very excited to learn that Twin Cities Live wrote an article about Making a Scene based on the press release we sent over.

10:05-Write blog, publish to the website, and load it into our Facebook and Twitter

10:30-Laura arrives. She is working on a budget. We all feel bad for her.

11:00-Write a Press Release for "White Christmas" using quotes from an interview with director Rebecca Rizzio

11:30-Joanna arrives. Plays pleasant background music.

12:05: Post goes out on Facebook and Twitter. Anxiously await comments. (Please be good, Please be good, Please be good...)

12:30-Lunch. We all talk about how much we want to order in (Courtside delivers, you know),then decide we need to stick to our diets/budgets and heat a frozen dinner in the microwave. Frozen dinner is disappointing.

1:00-Start writing  press release for "A Spell of Cold Weather." Director Laura Bidgood is a quote machine!

1:15-Realize there is no pitter patter of little feet upstairs. Summer workshops ended last week. Get sad because I really like Thursday performances on the stage!

2:00-Meeting with Joanna and Jessica. We meet every Monday to check in and assign new projects.

3:00-Check on the Making a Scene photo booth. Contemplate trying on various hats and props but opt to be more professional and grown up. Put on a feather boa instead.

3:30-Update "Making a Scene" web page with new info. Visit box office. More people want Footloose tickets. These things are selling like Hot Cakes!

4:00-Work on the publicity binder with Joanna.

5:30-Bid adieu to Lyric Arts and head home for the night!


Adia's Blog: I'm Free!

For those of you who have tickets for Footloose, but haven't seen it yet, I'm sure the suspense is killing you! Clearly we can't put up the entire show for you to watch (not only is that illegal, it would make it really hard for us to sell tickets!) but here is a little bitty clip of the song "I'm Free!" It's not much, but hopefully it will be enough to get you through until it's time for you to see the show for real! Tonight is another awesome Footloose performance! If you are headed to the theater for the 7:00 show or for any of the shows this weekend, be sure you stop by the "Making a Scene" photo booth.

I just bought tickets for myself and my family for next weekend. I have only seen rehearsals up to this point so I can't wait to watch the magic for myself! So, for those of you who have already seen the show, what do I have to look forward to? Tell me your favorite parts of Footloose!

Adia's Blog: Footloose by the Numbers!

As I am sure you know, Footloose opened this past Friday and the audience LOVED IT! It was an incredibly successful weekend for the show. How successful? Let me break it down for you: 34 Footloose cast members

17 Scenes

5 Pit Members

17 Artistic Staff Members

11 Awesome 80's Prom Dresses

50 people at the Opening Night Gala

60 delicious gourmet mini-burgers from Lancer catering at the Gala

125 pieces of cake eaten by Gala participants and Footloose cast and crew

14 pictures taken in the "Making a Scene" photo booth

4 brightly colored boas used in "Making a Scene" pictures

2 Very Sore Intern Feet

25 volunteers on opening night alone

13 Performances left

228 seats sold-A Full House!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the opening weekend of Footloose so successful!

Adia's Blog: The Big Day Has Arrived!

Tonight is the night. The night we all cut FOOTLOOSE! The show is ready to go and we can't wait to get the sold out crowd into the theater to see this amazing production. If you aren't convinced that you need to see this show yet, you don't need to take my word for it. Check out this video from the Footloose cast. They know better than everyone what makes this show so special!

In addition to the excitement of Footloose, today is also the day that single tickets for next season go on sale. The box office is a-hoppin' with ticket orders so if you call and get the answering machine, make sure to leave a message. We will process tickets in the order of messages we receive so that is the best way to hold your spot!

We can't wait to see you all at Footloose in the coming weeks!

Adia's Blog: Make Your Scene!

Yesterdays adventure: setting up the "Making a Scene" photo booth in the lobby for Footloose! If you missed the photo booth at Riverfest, no worries. It will be available in the lobby through the entire run of Footloose. Here's how it works:

  • For $1 we will take your picture in the photo booth and send it to you via email. We will, of course, provide you with the necessary hats, boas, and accessories to make your picture extra jazzy.
  • For $5, we will take your picture, and send it to you but we will also place it in a photo collage that will be on display in our lobby to recognize you as a donor for the "Making a Scene" project.

If THAT"S not enough to convince you to participate, check out the pictures below of some of our lovely staff "Making a Scene" at Riverfest. Please keep in mind that these pictures were taken after a full day in 90 degree took a toll on our appearance and our sanity!