Intern(al) Thoughts: A "Riverfest" Success!

I, Emily Lindholm, am so pleased that I can FINALLY say those four glorious words: Riverfest 2012 was fantastic.

I wish to shout it from the rooftops, sing it through the streets, and write about it all day long (one out of three isn't bad, right?). Jokes aside, I am thrilled with how our Saturday went, and couldn't have been in better company. Throughout the day we had people working the booth from a bleary-eyed 6:45am all the way to 5pm, dedicated to getting the word out that our theater on 5th and Main Street is a site to not just to be seen, but to be loved and--mark my words--it will love you back.

The most exciting thing for myself was that our booth looks nothing like it did last year. With our new logo, and new color scheme, it was time to make the transition--starting with some sassy black lattuce, costumes on display, new graphics for all shows and concerts, and the chance to win two free tickets to our upcoming season--so exciting!

Over the course of  9 hours we had an astonishing 600+ entries to win our tickets, along with tons of enthusiastic individuals who signed up to be added to our mailing list. While I admit that I sometimes turned the questions over to my fellow booth-mates, I was proud to be able to talk to people about Lyric Arts, spread the word about all the exciting details of next season.

Along with that, it was fun to hang out with all my newfound friends here at the office--when you are in a booth in 92 degree heat for 5+ hours, things get goofy and some serious fun was had.

In the following weeks, I'll be dedicated to getting back to business at wrapping up the social media fact pages and fun publicity content for 2012-2013, as well as writing the templates for all the press releases that will be sent out over the course of the season. Not to mention I'll be at Cabaret this Friday AND Saturday because--let's be honest--once is just not enough!


Check out the rest of the pictures from Riverfest right here!

Emily is a rising senior studying Sociology and Peace & Justice Studies at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.

Intern(al) Thoughts: Time Flies...

Is there anything better than a nicely scheduled day? 9:30AM: Arrive at work--all is quiet.

9:35AM: See that Matt's computer is free. Promptly attack the movie making software with the speed of a puma and get to work on editing Cabaret seating promo filmed last night after rehearsal

10:59AM: Forget "Riverfest" meeting is at 11am

11:06AM: Remember "Riverfest" meeting when kindly reminded that I was the one who scheduled it.

11:45AM: Beg Matt for his computer back in order to finish "table seating" promo

12:30PM: Chat with Allison about how the ending of Cabaret brought me to tears last night during rehearsal

1:55PM: Celebrate the finished "promo" with a quick trip to Truffles & Tortes for a sandwich to go!

2:00PM: Get very sweaty on the steamy three block walk down Main Street.

2:35PM: Snag a peak of the "Kit Kat Klub" sign being installed onstage!

3:00PM: Send emails, make lists, contemplate getting a haircut.

3:26PM: Decide to be productive again and write this weeks "intern blog"

3:31PM: Arrive at the conclusion that a summary of my day would be the perfect entry.

3:45PM: Finish blog, watch my seating promo one last time, admire my press release that made abc newspapers today, post Noises Off audition information, and wrap everything up in time to beat the traffic back over to Champlin to start the weekend.

If you didn't happen to catch the seating promotion posted on Facebook today, check it out here. The Master of Ceremonies has some important information for you!

Cabaret opens in one week!


Emily is a rising senior studying Sociology and Peace & Justice Studies at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.


Intern(al) Thoughts: A Week-late Update

Happy Friday! I apologize for not delivering an intern blog to your interweb atmosphere last week. Due to a rather important road trip to Ohio for my cousin's wedding, my week was even MORE condensed than usual. Between raiding the "Cabaret Fundraiser" closet for all our Riverfest needs, prepping my interview questions for our Season Subscriber Preview Event, gathering rehearsal responses from the lovely and talented Cabaret cast, cutting videos of our awesome artistic staff, and even learning how to clean a very fancy cheese cutter, it was a pretty hectic few days.

If you want to check out the video I put together of the shows our Season Subscriber event attendees are most excited about, you can give this a look!

This week has been focused on even more prep for Riverfest, with the fine details finally being addressed and nailed down! We just got a new banner, and are planning on a whole new "look" for the tent this year which we hope you'll come and see.

As always, Cabaret is constantly on my mind. I just finished a publicity plan for the next three weeks (can you believe we open in 21 days?!), and I can safely say I know more about post-WWI history than I ever imagined possible. Between all the planning and posting, I even stopped by the box office before lunch yesterday to get my mom and I a "table seating" package" for July 20th! We'll be sitting happily at table 7 if anyone wants to stop by and say "Guten Tag!"

All the tables numbered 1-10 are available for audience members every night of our Cabaret run, and they're filling up quickly! As you can see, the tables are set up at different distances from the stage, getting you just close enough to truly be a part of the show, and just far enough away to NOT participate.

We're just observing, my friends.

Jessica and Allison are ready with this binder to mark your name down when you and your friends call the box office at 763-422-1838!

Intern(al) Thoughts: Happy Friday!

We have the golden tickets! Actually they are red and gold. And in German.

But we have them!

As word about our special Cabaret seating is slowly starting to disperse, we find our tickets starting to disappear. It appears that people are excited about a true "cabaret" experience, and Lyric Arts has proved its dedication by leaving no detail untouched, including the special design and layout of the ticket! Here is a picture of a ticket for special table seating on opening night (all in German!) that I took today:

Isn't it cool? We think so!

In other news, this week has been pretty darn crazy. We've been getting ready for the 2012-2013 Concert Series announcements (the official list just went up this morning!!!), hanging out with the talented kids in our summer workshops, getting fundraising letters in the mail, preparing for the Season Subscriber event on June 20th, and many, MANY other things.

I'm currently working on putting together a series of interviews for a Cabaret promotional video. It's going to star the artistic staff who is in the process of making this one of the most outstanding and unique shows this season, and it has been a blast learning more about their jobs! Two nights ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Cassandra--one of the dramaturgs for this production-- about the historical context of the show and she was brimming with information.

For example, did you know that by time Cabaret takes place (at the start of 1930s) the Germans were using reichmark notes--that's like our dollar bills--to paper their walls because it was cheaper than buying real wallpaper?

Thanks to Cassandra, now you know!

Keep an eye out for more interesting facts--they're coming your way!




Emily is a rising senior studying Sociology and Peace & Justice Studies at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.

Intern(al) Thoughts: Lyric Arts ist Glücklich!

Translation: Lyric Arts is happy Why? Because preparation for Cabaret is in full swing! The rehearsal pictures are being taken, the music is ringing in our ears, and the German and French accents are running wild through the office--making for conversations that are anything but dull.

It's exciting to be involved in multiple shows at one time--even in one day! Yesterday I found myself working on Cabaret publicity in the morning, looking up facts about our 2012-2013 season throughout the afternoon, and then I came back at 6pm in my black pants and white shirt to volunteer at the Box Office for Heaven Can Wait!

This theater never stops moving.

It was my first time volunteering here in about 9 years--my first time EVER in the Box Office--and I was a little rusty. However, in the hour before the show started I learned a TON about how the Box Office works on show nights. I even helped (and by "helped" I mean I stumbled through the ticketing program and then Bob Z. rescued me...) five groups of last-minute audience members buy tickets to catch the show--and they all made it in on time!

Construction or no construction, last night's audience didn't seem detoured by the obnoxious lack of pavement outside our door. Scheduled to finish in October, the construction has unfortunately stolen our sidewalk, but not our dignity! Lyric Arts' own all-around awesome lady, Jessica, worked her magic and got us our own "personalized" boardwalk that stretches from the parking lot to the front doors so you can still get your tickets, popcorn, and (of course) a program with plenty of time to spare!

I'd say one of the coolest things to hit Lyric Arts this week was the final printing of the special "cabaret" seating for, you guessed it, Cabaret! We at Lyric Arts have been positively giddy about the decision to have tables set up around the stage that are open to the audience--so not only will you be able to see the show up close, but you will also be a part of it! Don't worry, no singing or dancing is required (although I can't promise what I'll do when I go...), the tickets just give you the unique opportunity to have the true cabaret viewing experience.  It's $35 per seat OR $60 per table-- and it comes with two drink tickets, snacks, and a light dessert at intermission.

I'm already planning when I'm going.

I want that light dessert.

Intern(al) Thoughts: Method Interning

Method acting: Method acting is any of a family of techniques used by actors to create in themselves the thoughts and emotions of their characters, so as to develop lifelike performances.



This is my third week here at Lyric Arts, and my desk already consists of a book entitled Public Relations Writing, the Lyric Arts Publicity Archives, a notebook of ideas for how to put the F-U-N in "Fundraising" at this year's Riverfest, and just the slightest bit of  red-hot anxiety that my "lifelike" performance as an intern here at Lyric Arts will fall short of a standing ovation.

However, each day I find myself having more and more "intern" thoughts, and when the mood strikes, I can almost improvise. By using my surroundings, as well as a subtle hint of direction from Joanna, I have been able to start digging into what it truly means to be an intern here, and the past three weeks have been utterly delightful (and productive!!). I've begun to really enter into the processes here at Lyric Arts, and have my fair share of responsibilities-- and if there is one thing I love, it's responsibilities. And meetings.

I adore meetings.

In addition to being involved in the planning and publicity, I also had the opportunity to peak into the creative sphere of Lyric Arts by attending the very first read-through for Cabaret on Tuesday evening, and the mood was set before the scripts were even passed out. Presenting the initial sketch for the gritty, "warehouse district" construction of the set, the production team teased us with how the costumes are going to POP against such a contrasting background--to that I say GET ME IN THE FRONT ROW NOW.

Adding to the evening (and my inappropriate levels of excitement), the dramaturgs presented the complex historical setting of 1930's Berlin, jump-starting the actors' understandings of the social web their characters find themselves tangled in with the beginning undercurrents of World War II and the rise of anti-Semitism.

The thing that struck me the most was the goosebumps one gets when exposed to this show. Goosebumps not only from the talents of the actors and the melodies of the songs, but also from watching characters from all walks of life attempting to navigate the political atmosphere of the 1930's, and circumstantially knowing their fate before they do. When a show gives me that many goosebumps, I say it's about time for me to see it.

On my plate this week: Think of marketing ideas for Cabaret, interview Sister Shaw, make the Publicity Archives paperless,  eat some lunch, and pack up the FlipCam for the opening night of Heaven Can Wait!!



Emily is a rising senior studying Sociology and Peace & Justice Studies at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.


Intern(al) Thoughts

Act I. Scene I The stage is dark. All is silent. Out of the darkness comes the sound of a single person... Typing. Very fast typing. More join in. The sound seems to surround the audience with its intensity. The chorus of typing is now joined by the quiet, yet powerful tunes of Whitney Houston, accompanied by a sudden case of the giggles offstage. The smell of a well-cooked bagel sandwich sends its sweet, cheesy aroma wafting around the room. The lights come on. The audience is DAZZLED by a spectacular amount of purple on the walls, paintings on the walls, and twinkle lights on the ceiling. Everyone is immediately engaged by the resonate charisma of the actors, now sharing a hefty case of eye-watering chuckles. It is clear that the setting is none other than Lyric Arts, one of best (and most fun) theaters this side of the Mississippi. The director yells "Annnnnd ACTION!"

And the show begins.

Hi! I'm Emily, this year's Lyric Arts summer intern, and this is the show of my theatrical life, or... my life as a theatrical show? I don't know.

Anywho, this is my second day here at Lyric Arts, and I'm THRILLED to be able to start my very own summer intern blog. To begin, I'll share a little about myself. I'm a rising senior at Gettysburg College in the process of earning a degree in Sociology and Peace & Justice Studies, as well as a secret degree in "theater enthusiasm."

I'm a Champlin-raised girl who has been around Lyric Arts productions since watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (my first Lyric Arts production) in 2002, returning to stage manage Little Women in 2006, volunteering from time to time as an usher, and also acting as an audience member at some of the best shows I've ever seen, including The Diary of Anne Frank and You Can't Take it With You

I'm here this summer to delve into all things theater-related, from publicity, to production, to development, to achieve the goal of better understanding how a theater operates, especially one that is a non-profit organization. I'll be here Wednesdays through Fridays this summer to keep you updated on all Lyric Arts-related news, as well as keeping you privy to some ultra-special, totally cool behind-the-scenes updates as we work towards the opening of Heaven Can Wait on JUNE 1ST (grab those tickets!!), the commencement of our summer workshops, Riverfest, and the long-awaited opening of one of my favorite shows ever -- Cabaret -- on July 13.

Stay tuned!!