Making a Scene: Day 5 begins

Good morning, Lyric Arts fans! The morning has gotten off to a rousing start! Painters are painting and volunteers are setting things up for all the activities that the day is going to bring. Check out our "Making a Scene" webpage for a full schedule of events including live music and activities for kids including face painting and a bouncy house!

"Making a Scene" made an appearance on WCCO-TV's News at 6:00 last night, and we have a some new pictures loaded on our Facebook gallery this morning. You can also visit our YouTube channel to see all of our videos about "Making a Scene" (or about our productions and other events).

Here I am doing my best to give a coherent run-down of today's, I show off my pants! Please come and join us!

Making a Scene: Children's Mural

Local artist and Lyric Arts fan,Jan Johansen, and her crew are making sure the littlest ones are involved with "Making a Scene." She has created a Children's Mural that features many "Mainly for Kids"shows from Lyric Arts past. So make sure to stop on by with your family today (now until dark) and Tomorrow (3:00pm-dark). Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of history.

Making a Scene: Progress so far...

Day 3 was amazing! Things moved so quickly yesterday. (A HUGE thank you to our volunteers who came in for Target yesterday morning!) You can watch things as they happen on our Facebook page. Click here for the latest photo gallery from the end of the day yesterday.

Now, we are ready for another day of fun, including more painting and live music tonight. Here is the update and run-down from Paula:

Adia's Blog: Make Your Scene!

Yesterdays adventure: setting up the "Making a Scene" photo booth in the lobby for Footloose! If you missed the photo booth at Riverfest, no worries. It will be available in the lobby through the entire run of Footloose. Here's how it works:

  • For $1 we will take your picture in the photo booth and send it to you via email. We will, of course, provide you with the necessary hats, boas, and accessories to make your picture extra jazzy.
  • For $5, we will take your picture, and send it to you but we will also place it in a photo collage that will be on display in our lobby to recognize you as a donor for the "Making a Scene" project.

If THAT"S not enough to convince you to participate, check out the pictures below of some of our lovely staff "Making a Scene" at Riverfest. Please keep in mind that these pictures were taken after a full day in 90 degree took a toll on our appearance and our sanity!

Adia's Blog: Now Entering Bomont, Texas...

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, I give you THE FOOTLOOSE SET! The three screens that you are seeing will have images projected on them throughout the show and the pit orchestra will sit underneath the large platform in the center.












In "Making a Scene" news, Target will be sending us 70 volunteers to help get things started on Thursday, August 18th. How cool is that?! You can find all of the other "Making a Scene" donors on our website at

P.S. We also had a very special delivery at the theater this morning: Jessica's beautiful wedding dress! Congratulations Jess!

Adia's Blog: "Cut Loose" with Signe Mundfrom of "Footloose"

If you find yourself wanting to get up and dance or burst into an 80's jam at any point this week, have no fear. You simply have a case of Footloose-itis and it is completely curable because Footloose opens this Friday! In the meantime, satisfy your toe-tapping needs by checking out this interview with cast member Signe Mundfrom!

In other news, thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at Riverfest! It was a hot day to hang out on the blacktop, but it was so much fun talking to all of the Lyric Arts fans (new and old!) that we hardly even minded.

We also had a blast taking pictures in our brand-new photo booth to raise money for the "Making a Scene" mural project. If you haven't had your picture taken yet, we will have the photo booth available at all of the Footloose shows so that you can strike a pose to help is "Make a Scene!" More info is available at

Adia's Blog: A Chat with Barb Franklin

Can you roller skate? Barb Franklin can. And you can watch the magic when Barb plays Betty Blast, owner of the Burger Blast, in Lyric Arts' upcoming production of Footloose. Take a look at a video interview with Barb to learn more about this talented lady.

In "Making a Scene" news, we are still looking for donations of scaffolding, tarps, old t-shirts, and paintbrushes. You can take a look at the "Making a Scene" web page for more info.

Also, be sure to RSVP on the "Making a Scene" Facebook event page. See you there!