Volunteer of the Year—Joan O'Sullivan

April is national Volunteer Appreciation Month and we are thrilled to announce our new Volunteer of the Year, Joan O'Sullivan! In the past twelve months, Joan volunteered over 1,000 hours in concessions, the scene shop, and various other events at Lyric Arts. Joan's dedication, hard work, and friendly personality make her an imperative part of the Lyric Arts community. Thanks, Joan! You make Lyric Arts a success!

Here is what Joan has to say about volunteering at Lyric Arts:

"I started volunteering in 2009 after seeing a wonderful production of "The Foreigner". I was very impressed with how everyone that I met was so friendly and welcoming.

Joan O'Sullivan NEW SQ

I knew then that I wanted to be a part of the Lyric Arts "family" too.Being a lover of talent, the arts and interacting with our patrons, actors, fellow volunteers, and staff are all things that make volunteering so much fun and worthwhile.

My favorite volunteering positions are working in concessions, assisting at auditions, and being on the scene shop team (where I have learned and grown as a "painter" and a "carpenter"...sometimes I amaze myself at what I have been able to accomplish).

I spend the majority of my time at Lyric Arts since my retirement in 2011. I hope to continue to do so because volunteering here keeps me happy and feeling useful. And...because I have made friends with so many wonderful people!"

Please join us in congratulating Joan O'Sullivan, our Volunteer of the Year!