Cool as a Pre-Pickled Pickle

As an actor who has had to step into a role at the last minute while the rest of the cast is already over halfway done with regular rehearsals, I can say with the utmost authority that it is one of the scariest things a human being can do. It is incredibly intimidating to insert yourself into a group that has already established itself and its routines and in-jokes.

That being said, Megan Rodriguez is as  as she walks into her first rehearsal as Miss Forsythe. You know, it’s hard to be asked to play the most beautiful girl in the room, but, somehow, Megan pulls it off with perfect grace and humility and just the right amount of va-va-voom.

Did I mention? Not only is she joining Death of A Salesman, but as of the time of this writing she is also performing in our very own Hello, Dolly! as Minnie (the other hat shop girl). Two characters in the same brain? I would melt from confusion and exhaustion and stress and worrying about saying the wrong lines at the wrong show and I’m hyperventilating just think about it. Why did you make me live through this terrifying imaginary scenario?!!? WHY?

But Megan has this down. She’s an old hat at this whole ‘acting’ thing, having performed in four previous shows here at Lyric Arts. She says this theatre “...feels like home. I love the layout of the theatre and the proximity of the actors to the audience. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore in the building!”

So remember when I said it’s so stressful to come into a show when the cast is already bonded? Megan loves it. At her second rehearsal ever for Salesman she said “It’s refreshing stepping into a role where the rest of the cast is already off-book and I need to catch up. But everything is running so well. Bob [Neu] is just amazing.” Salesman will be their 4th show together.

So let’s recap: Megan Rodriguez is amazing.

She will get about half the rehearsals the rest of the cast and she will still shine like a bright summer day and you, my friend, will remember her. Even if she’s on stage for only a few minutes, you will remember her well after you have left the theatre.