Corey Okonek "Ghost of Christmas Present" on "A Christmas Carol"

Corey OkonekLyric Arts had the opportunity to ask Corey Okonek, cast member of A Christmas Carol, some questions about his role in the production at Lyric Arts.  Read the interview below, and come experience the magic of this joyful holiday classic!    LA: Tell us a little bit about why this particular show interested you.

CO: A Christmas Carol is one of my all time favorite shows (that and It's A Wonderful Life).

LA: What character do you play in the show?  What is your back story?

CO: I play the "Ghost of Christmas Present."  This is the ghost that comes and shows "Scrooge" that a real Christmas is more a thing of the heart and not a time that, as "Scrooge" says, “a time for buying things”.

LA: Why do you think A Christmas Carol such a beloved Christmas show for people?

CO: It shows the redemption that can come with a changed attitude.

LA: What is your favorite part of Christmas and the holiday season? 

CO: Everything, but mostly decorating the house, watching the classic Christmas movies with family.

LA: Comment on the talent level in the cast.

CO: This is my second show with Lyric Arts and this show, like the last (My Fair Lady) is filled with a very talented cast.

LA: Why should people come out and see this Christmas production?

CO: It's a great way to kick off the holiday season in an intimate venue.