Curtain up, light the lights - A BobNeuBlogs Production

Robert NeuWe have our first public performance tonight!  It's a preview which means we still have the option of stopping the show if something goes terribly wrong.  Which it won't (as I knock on wood). This week has been rewarding, tiring and filled with hard work.  We've gone until 10:00 every night - which isn't easy for the younger ones - and our crack technical and artistic staff then meet until about midnight and we all give our notes for the next day.  This is everything from changing a light cue to making a costume adjustment to deciding to use a different prop.  One of the many things I love about Lyric Arts is that they actually give you enough stage time to be able to consider and make these changes.  Things look VERY different in the rehearsal room - and I've worked some places where we didn't get the stage until two or three days before opening.  That's crazy-making for everyone - so THANK YOU, Lyric Arts!

And speaking of Lyric Arts - I've already talked about the great designers, and the wonderful cast - let's talk a bit about our producers:  Lyric Arts.  I really, really like this theater - I like the building, I like Anoka, and most importantly, I like the people that run the company.  They are incredibly hard-working, nice, funny, deeply caring, so smart they scare me, and they are devoted - DEVOTED - to creating quality theater and to theater education.  I like that mission - a lot.  I can think of few things more fulfilling than seeing a young person gain confidence and discipline by doing a show.  Or working with an adult who knows (s)he wants to be on stage but hasn't had much opportunity - and seeing that person blossom as he realizes he has talent.   The experience of witnessing that life-changing (and I don't use that word lightly) transformation has choked me up more than once.  Theater can do that, people!  That's why YOU need to support Lyric Arts - come to their shows and give them a donation.  They're maybe not going to solve the world's problems, but trust me, they are touching people's lives and making a difference.  Yeah!

OK - over and out - I need to go and WRITE A CHECK to Lyric Arts.  Hoping you do the same!