Dig Deeper - Day by Day Tops the Billboard Chart!

Due to the Broadway revival and the availability of Godspell, Jr. from Music Theater International, lots of new productions of Godspell have sprung up over the last few years  - and those directors have lots of questions!  Luckily, Stephen Schwartz generously provided an online forum:  a resource for those questions on his website.  Here's an interesting question and answer about the wild popularity of the original cast recordings... Question:  By the way is that true about Day by Day being the last song to go number 1 on the pop charts directly from a Broadway production? Answer: "Day by Day" was the last showtune to chart as performed by the original cast (it was the Off-Broadway cast, the Broadway cast was never recorded). There have been showtunes since then that have charted but they were covers by other artist (such as "Somewhere" from West Side Story by Barbra Streisand), not the original casts.

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