Dig Deeper - From Stage to Screen

In 1955 William Inge's Picnic was made into a film with the same director (Joshua Logan) as the Broadway production.  Logan made the decision to bring only 3 members of the Broadway cast to reprise their roles in the film and none of the leads were recast. Although nominated for six Academy Awards, it won just two and not for Acting or Directing, but for Best Art-Direction and Best Film-Editing.

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Role Broadway Hollywood
Hal Ralph Meeker William Holden
Alan Paul Newman Cliff Robertson
Millie Kim Stanley Susan Strasberg
Madge Janice Rule Kim Novak
Rosemary Eileen Heckart Rosalind Rusell


Movie Trivia:  William Holden didn’t want to do the dance sequence with Kim Novak, fearing it would make him look foolish. He told co-star Cliff Robertson, “I just don’t know how to dance.” Hoping to persuade the studio to cut the dance scene, Holden insisted on being paid an $8,000 “stuntman premium.” To his surprise, the studio paid up and Holden was forced to do the scene, although he was allowed to do it under the influence of alcohol. It remains one of the most memorable scenes in the movie.