Dig Deeper - Swinging the Set

The Lyric Arts production of Good People closes this Saturday, April 4th and it's the last chance to check out the rotating set design by Eric Gustafson.  The construction is based on the periaktoi, one of the oldest theatrical devices used for multiple rapid scene changes.  A typical periaktoi - from the Greek word meaning "revolving" - consists of a revolving solid triangular prism made of wood.  A different scene is painted on each face, so that, by revolving the periaktoi, you can quickly change locations. Good People (Church Basement) 121514The set for Good People looks a bit like a square divided into four equal triangles centered around a doorway.  As the actors and crew rotate the set, the location changes from an alley to a doctor's office to a kitchen to a living room.  Check out this initial ground plan - a bird's eye view of the set - and see it in action this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Cassandra Proball NEW SQ